A Warmth From Elsewhere

My hand was still frozen in midair, touching nothing. Drooped over and drained of its healthy green-brown color, the remains of the tree lay pale and cold in the dirt. How could I have done that? I had barely touched it; only with the tips of my fingers. The tree wasn't strong, but surely it was strong enough to withstand that.

Something was strange about it, too. It was an odd bluish-gray color now, like the ocean on a cloudy day. Hesitantly I reached down and touched it gently. It felt like a tree. A baby tree that had been ripped up and thrown on the ground.

Then I remembered the strange electric feeling, and the brief blue glow. What had caused those? The sky was clear; no lightning. And there had been a feeling, too, one like...sadness. What had happened? I had been thinking that I wouldn't be here to see the tree as a great monument...

Sadness. I had been sad. Could I have given the tree...sadness? It sure looked sad, lying pitifully on the ground like that.

I glanced down at my hand. It was the same as usual. There were no odd marks or anything on it. I held it up to the sun to examine it more closely. The sun. The beautiful, shining, golden sun, full of warmth, full of light...

Then I almost fell backwards as I looked at my hand again. The electric feeling was back, and my whole arm felt as if there was a warmth pulsing through it. I felt...happy. Content. The sun, the sun was beautiful. That was good. That was warm. That was happy.

I reached out carefully to the tree again, and as soon as my fingers touched it it sprung up again, green and healthy, like nothing had ever happened. Then the warmth was gone, the electricity was gone, and my hand was back to normal.

Cookie was eyeing me curiously. He wanted to be pet. But I didn't want to touch him. Something had happened. Something that wasn't usual, and I couldn't explain it. But it was big. It was unpredictable.

I whistled to my dog and ran home without looking back. Home was safer. I stayed there the rest of the evening, and went to bed long before Mom came back. I didn't use my right hand at all.

The End

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