Psychic VampireMature

When living for yourself isn't enough anymore, when survival is now to protect two. Laken knows excatly how that feels. Laken is a 16 year-old girl who thinks she has found her soul-mate Jonathan Stark, but when she gets pregnant Stark leaves the picture. Laken then gets kidnapped by Vampires that are planing to enslave the pychic vampires, but they are unaware of her pregnancy when she gets farther into her pregnancy she struggles to hide her secret in fear of what they'll do. But Visions of he

I walked down the halls of Brewster Academy, trying to find my way to my first period english class. Around me restless souls fluttered each with a different colour, but all of them just shouting at me. One of the boys came up behind me and slapped my ass. I span and slaped him in ths face. "Pig." I spat. "Ouch. Cuties got an attitude," He said, winking at me. "I'm Stark" "I don't care who you are." I said, walking away. "Hey, hey now don't walk away." "Would you rather I skip?" "Class? Yea. What do you have first?" "Um nope... I think I'm good." "Good as in 'good' girl?" "Not even close." I said. "But seriously what do you have first?" "You'll see Stark." "Not fair, you know my name and I don't know yours." I smiled, "La"- "Stark stop harrassing her!" Shouted a long-legged brunette. "Hi, I'm Elena." "Laken Mansfield." "I see you've met Stark." "Laken? That's a pretty name." Said Stark. "Stark, you're gunna strike out." Elena said. "I'm going to class." Stark muttered under his breath. "Is that a first?" I called after him. He turned. Opened his mouth, huffed and walked away. "Leave him, he's hot and all, but not worth it. Been there done-" she put her hand to her stomach. "That." "Okay." I extended the word and walked off. I got to room 336 and put my hand on the knob. As soon as my skin made contact, I felt Starks soul. It was disturbed and restless, angry even. But there was also something burried deep, very deep. Something I wasn't allowed to see. Not for long, I thought. I turned the knob and walked in, feeling hard eyes staring coldly. Searching their souls was like digging for ice in snow, freezing cold, but simple enough. Once realization hit that I wasn't a threat the ice melted away-faster on some of the boys.

The End

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