Chapter 2Mature

Chapter 2: A Secret Revealed

Five months later, on a warm day in May, I found out something about Ryukeiaka that would change our friendship forever. Lately, I’ve been thinking about him all the time. I think sometimes that I shouldn’t feel so strongly for Ryukeiaka, but the heart wants what it wants, and I wanted him. I oftentimes find myself staring at his face-usually when I think he’s not paying attention to me, but he usually is so it’s kind of hard-and I would imagine how his flawless lips would feel if they were pressed against mine. I fantasize about that a lot. How will I ever get the courage to tell him how I truly feel about him? I’ve been his friend since I started school. Maybe not it’s time for us to become more than friends. I wonder if he thinks so, too. When Ryukeiaka invited me to his house one Saturday afternoon, I was a bit unsure of whether or not I should go, and after he told me his father, Ryu, and his stepmother Yuki were on vacation in Madrid, and that they wouldn’t be back until Monday, I was even more opposed to the idea. However, I finally decided that I trusted Ryukeiaka enough to be alone with him. So I called Ryukeiaka-we’d exchanged phone numbers in March-and told him I’d be at his house at nine a.m. I know that had I told my grandmother that his parents weren’t going to be there, she would not have let me go to his house. Well, I figure, what Grandmother Kai doesn’t know won’t hurt her. I just hope she doesn’t find out from someone else. So, with a heavy conscience, I walked to Ryukeiaka’s house. It took me all of seven minutes. I have my book bag slung across my shoulder, so that I could work on my history report. If we got around to it, I thought with a smile. I knock on the door, and less than half a minute later Ryukeiaka is standing there, inviting me inside. I look around as I come in, seeing nice furniture, family pictures on the wall, and nice, blue plush carpet. I was immediately impressed. Something occurred to me as I remember him mentioning that his father and stepmother were on vacation, but I didn’t voice the thought right away. “Please sit down,” he said, gesturing to the big, beige couch, which was placed right across from a huge HDTV. I do, and he sits beside me. I’m looking straight ahead. “Your parents left you home alone?” I asked him, making conversation. “They trust me,” he said simply, and he turned me towards him. “Why did your father marry again?” I asked him softly, not wanting to provoke anger in him on what may or may not be a touchy subject. He hesitated, but then confided in me. “My birth mother died seven years ago. She had breast cancer. She was only thirty-four-years-old.” “I’m sorry for your loss,” I said, grabbing his left hand. “Thanks. Anyway, allow me to tell you why I invited you,” Ryukeiaka said seriously. “Okay,” I agreed. “Tell me.” “As you know,” he began formally, “we are very good friends.” “Yes, I know. Are you going somewhere with this, Ryukeiaka?” I teased. “Actually, I am,” he said with a grin, which made my heart skip a beat. He moved closer to me then, so that we are face-to-face. “Ryrori, as my only best friend, you know almost everything about me. I have a secret that is very important to me. I am choosing to share it with you today.” “You don’t have a sixth toe, do you?” I asked quietly. “No,” he said with a chuckle. “I want you to promise me that you won’t be afraid once I tell you.” “I promise,” I said. “No one else in the world knows this about me. Promise you won’t freak out.” “I promise,” I said solemnly. Ryukeiaka grabbed my left hand and looked at me extremely seriously. “Ryrori, I am a psychic,” he said slowly, as if I were not listening, but I was, and he smiled before continuing. “I mean this in the most amazing way. I have ESP-you know…extra-sensory perception. I can read minds, and I have remote-viewing, which means that I can see things that are happening somewhere else, usually anywhere else. I also have premonitions when I touch personal objects of a person…that of course is like a sixth-sense that warns me of danger…and I have visions of the future.” Ryukeiaka looked me over, measuring the expression on my face carefully. I opened my mouth to let a scream issue forth, but I never got the chance. Within a fraction of a second, Ryukeiaka had me in his arms and he was kissing me. I melted then and there. It took me less than a second to respond, and I was kissing him back. This was always something that I wanted. Now that it was actually happening, I couldn’t even think clearly. All I knew is that we were finally kissing. I was there, physically, but my mind was elsewhere-far away-still shocked by what he had told me. Our kiss turned very heated as Ryukeiaka put his fingers through my hair and pulled me closer. I sighed into his mouth. He was the one to break the union of our lips, although mine were still parted, and I was aching to have a deeper kiss, one where our tongues would wrestle. Our breathing was escalated. He spoke first. “I’m sorry I kissed you, Ryrori, but it looked like you were going to scream, and I couldn’t let that happen. Someone might think I was hurting you, and that’s something I never want to do.” “Ryukeiaka,” I said in a pleading tone. “Please don’t apologize for something I obviously enjoyed. I know you’d never hurt me. You’re my best friend.” “I think we both know that I’d like to be more than that,” he told me softly, his eyes smoldering. “What do you mean?” I asked, blushing slightly. “Will you be my girlfriend?” He asked me, and I didn’t even have to think about my answer. “Yes!” I said with excitement, hugging him tightly to me. “Then I don’t have to feel guilty for doing this,” he said, kissing me again, but lightly this time. “No, you don’t,” I managed against his lips. “Do you mind if I make our relationship official?” Ryukeiaka asked me, smiling hugely. “How?” I asked curiously, staring at him. “Wait here,” he said. He walked up the stairs. A minute later, he returned, and he was carrying a small, black box. He handed it to me.

“Open it,” he said softly. I open the little box and see a silver locket that’s in the shape of a heart. “Look inside,” he murmured. I undo the clasp and find a small picture of Ryukeiaka inside. “Thank you,” I said, closing the locket and putting it around my neck. It fit perfectly. “Ryrori,” he said suddenly. “About my secret…you have to know that even though I’ve told you, it must still remain a secret, or else someone could take advantage of me and my abilities. Do you understand?” “I understand,” I said seriously. “I won’t tell anyone your secret, Ryukeiaka.” “Thanks, Ryrori.” “Will you help me with my history report?” “Sure, baby,” he said kindly, making me blush. After we are finished studying, Ryukeiaka walked me home. On my porch, he hugs me tightly to his body…his taut, muscular body…mmm…ah…that sends certain thoughts flooding through my mind, thoughts I’m sure he can hear. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said sweetly. “See you then,” I said quietly, hoping for another kiss. “I heard that,” Ryukeiaka said, and it seemed to me like he was amused. “As well as your other lusty thoughts.” He kisses me gently on the lips, making my heart beat faster. “Do you want to go out this Saturday?” Ryukeiaka asked. “How about you come over my house?” I suggested. “I got Twilight on DVD, but I haven’t got a chance to watch it yet.” “Sure, that sounds great,” he said. “See you later.” “See you later,” I murmured, echoing his words. He left then, leaving me alone. I let myself in with the key Grandmother Kai had made for me when I first got here, wondering what she would think-and say-if she knew I had a boyfriend. She always was the only woman in my family to lecture me about boys. Well, I figure I’ll have to tell Grandmother Kai about Ryukeiaka before Saturday. If he showed up unexpectedly, who knew what extremes she might go through to keep us apart. I couldn’t imagine the pain I would go through if I wasn’t able to see Ryukeiaka again. Maybe honesty would be the best policy…if I could know what her reaction would be, but unlike my boyfriend-and I’m thrilled to use that word to describe Ryukeiaka-I am not a mindreader. I go to my grandmother’s extra-large kitchen and make myself a ham and turkey sandwich on wheat, then search the pantry until I find a bag of potato chips. I add a handful to my plate, then put the chip bag in the refrigerator. After sitting down at the dining room table, and saying a blessing over my food, I begin to eat, slowly. My body may have been sitting at the dining room table, but my mind was elsewhere, still overflowing with thoughts about Ryukeiaka. I think about how he kissed me that first time, and as I finish my sandwich, I recall how it had felt when he hugged me on the porch. I had really enjoyed the feeling of his arms around me. Maybe I was being a bit mushy-maybe even because Ryukeiaka was my first boyfriend-but when he’d held me like that, it made me feel special, and also caused some other natural feelings as well. Those I thought I could handle. After all, I’m only a red-blooded female. I decide to tell my grandmother about Ryukeiaka tomorrow. That gave me a little more time to think about how to start the talk that would be sure to leave me flushed. Hopefully, Grandmother Kai wouldn’t be upset. I go upstairs and type my History report on my standardized typewriter. As I’m finishing, I hear grandma’s SUV pull up. I take my locket off and put it back in the box it came from. I hide it in one of the shoeboxes on the top shelf of my closet. There’s no need to show Grandmother Kai the evidence of my relationship with Ryukeiaka, not yet anyhow. She would know soon enough. I grab a blue towel-my favorite cobalt blue one-from the dresser, then head to the bathroom to take a quick shower. After the hot water and watermelon body wash has both erased my tension and cleansed my body, I get dressed in my baby-blue negligee. It’s form-fitting and mid-thigh length. I cover myself with my black, silk robe that flows from my neck all the way to my ankles.I lay down on my bed and stare at the phone on my bedside table, waiting anxiously for but one call.

The End

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