The MeetMature

It is a story of how 2 college students come in contact with each other to solve a mystery.

            “ AHHHHHHH!!” The boys screamed as they ran across the dark hallway. “Wait…..Don’t leave me behind” said the frightened girl which was nearly a whisper to the boys. The girl was too afraid to move. She heard a voice that sent a chill down her spine. Suddenly the back of her neck felt cold and the voice whispered “HELP…….”

             “Hmmmm, it should be somewhere here” I thought as I was searching for a door with a tag “SOCIETY OF FILMS AND CINEMATOGRAPHY” in Harward University. It was the second door to the left. I knocked. No response. What should I do now, I thought as I held the door knob trying to open it. I came here because my friend had said that there is someone remarkable here. Suddenly the door opened and there was a person standing in front of me.

                He would have been handsome if he had combed his hair. His hair was black, he had pure black eyes. He was a tall guy and had a gloomy aura. The sight of him took me by surprise. This can’t be the person I am searching for. I realized that I was staring at him,” Hello, I am looking for a person, I was told that…..”, he put his hand on my shoulder , pushed me sideways  and closed the door.

                “You need something right? Would you mind waiting there” pointing at the corner, “I can’t concentrate if you keep standing here.”

       “REDFORD, Hurry up.”Two guys were sitting in front of the table full of trump cards.

        “This one will be the last one OK.” The gloomy guy said.

They were playing trump cards

“Take one card” gloomy guy said.

                  One of the two guys took one card and it was ‘ 5 of spade’, the only ones who knew which card that were the 2 guys and me. The gloomy guy did not know which card it was.

                   The gloomy guy didn’t do anything but was staring at the guy who was holding the card.

    “Spade 5” he said suddenly.

                   HUH!!! I was shocked. How could he guess it correctly, AMAZING.

                “I told you, I will get it right each and every time”.

    “Fine here is your  10 bucks” and saying this one of the 2 guys gave 10 dollars.

     Saying this they left. Maybe this guy could actually help me.

“Umm..are you Ethan Redford” I asked him. I didn’t believe at first but him able to guess the trump card correctly, it’s the proof that he really has psychic powers.

“Yes I am, you wanted to tell me something.”Ethan said.

He realized that I was just staring at him.”If you have nothing to say then I will have to ask you to leave”.

                 “I have something I have to consult with you.”I said.

                 “You can start with telling me the outline of the story” he said.

                “Actually right now my friend is in trouble….she….”

                “How about you take a seat?”He interrupted.

               “Oh, excuse me” I said while sitting down.

               “Well I am here to ask you to help a friend..”

                     “And you are?” He interrupted again.

                “I am  Aria Camaron, I am in a second year of this college….” 

                     “Saying your name is more than enough” he again interrupted. “And your problem is.”

                     “Would you mind not interrupting me so that I can tell you my story.”

                      “I would if you hurry up with your story and stop boring me.”

“Is he even listening to me?.”Have you heard about the strange gossip about an abandoned building behind our collage?, It is about a ghost.”

            “A ghost!!”.

                      “There was supposed to be no one in the building when suddenly people started to hear sounds of a women crying for help”

            “Well that kind of story is popular now-a -days” He dismissed.

   “My friend….I think she saw a real ghost. Miki, my friend was attacked there and until now it was a mysterious incident. She heard a rumor about the building so she went there to check whether there really a ghost or not with her friends. It was like a test of courage, she also bought some stuff online to get inside the haunted building. She was with her friends Ryan and Mike. Joking while walking when they saw a dead end , a locked door, and it wasn’t just a normal lock, there were chains rolled around the handles and multiple locks holding it. When Miki turned to go back both Ryan and Mike saw hands coming out of the door as if trying to grab Miki. Both of them were so frightened that they ran as fast as they could. Mike was worried about Miki so when he turned around,  she wasn’t there. The next day  they found Miki outside of the building unconscious, She was brought to the hospital immediately but she hasn’t regained consciousness till now. I have heard that you have some special power, I hope you can help me.”

                 “One thousand including the tax.”

    “Excuse me” now surprised.

“Stop playing dumb, I will help you with one thousand dollar.”

Did he just ask for money?

“Don’t think I would help you for free.”

“No, no I wouldn’t dare” I started checking my purse for money.”I only have 300 dollars with me, would you mind if I pay remaining later.”

He sighed.”OK…for now let’s visit the hospitalized friend of yours.”

“Thank you very much.” good thing he agreed. After that heavy sigh I thought he would not help me. Wait for me Miki I will find…..I stopped thinking as I spotted the mirror in the room, suddenly I realized why he wanted me to stand in the corner.”So this is how you get all the answers correct, if you see through this mirror from where you were sitting you can see the card the other party is holding.”

Then he gave me a cunning smile and said “That’s right, you are the first one to realize it.”

“Then that means you don’t have any psychic powers, do you? Give me back my money.”And I was completely fooled by him.

        “I did cheat about the card game. “He said while sitting down again. “if you imply me having clairvoyance or mind power then you would have to find someone else. I can see dead people’s soul, to simply put it I can see ghosts. I think that will be more than enough to help your friend.”

       “Why should I believe you?”Trying to fool me again are you.

     “Well, it’s on you whether you want to believe me or not but in case you want to know there is a ghost in here and her name is Adriana”


The End

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