Life, Death and FeathersMature

It had been a week since the incident with the angel of whatever, and he'd pretty much forgotten about it. Occasionally though, it still rankled that he hadn't been able to bill that Tourette patient for the time she spent in his office. It seemed like forever, but his timer wasn't set when she forced her way in. His secretary  said  there hadn't been anyone here, and there had been no-one scheduled for that time slot.

Bethany was absolutely certain she had booked appointments for the entire day. However, there was a 30 minute slot she just couldn't account for. It was the same time frame  Dr. Wackoh had his "episode". She didn't know who his doctor was, but every day  near closing time he would come to the water cooler in the outer office. He would take out a large prescription bottle and shake out one small blue pill.

He looked at his watch. One more appointment, then he could go home and get ready for his date. He should go and take his blue pill now. He was just opening the door when he was forced back against  the wall by someone coming in. He let out a startled squeal, and before he could push the door away, it slammed shut. The winged woman stood before him.

"What the Hell are you staring at?'  she said conversationally as she went over to his comfortable plush arm chair, adjusted her wings, and sat down.

 "Th ... that's my chair!"  he croaked, somewhere between fear and fury.

 "So what of it?  I don't do couches, I need a back to drape my wings over,"  she said in a snotty way as her head and shoulders twitched rhythmically. He thought about  pulling her out of his chair, but she looked strong, and he was a coward.

"I'll have to double bill you today, because you didn't pay last week,"  he said from the safe distance of the couch. 

"Whatever, " she shrugged / twitched, while rolling her eyes.

He looked at the timer, but he didn't dare go to the desk and set it. He would just bill her for the entire last hour of the day, plus a half hour for last week.

"How can I help you, then?" 

 " I have Tourette Syndrome, you stupid bastard, fix it,"  she shouted at him. 

"It's a genetic neurological disease, I can't fix it," he screamed  back at her.

She threw his laptop at him, and it beaned him right above his right temple. All he saw just before he passed out was a flurry of feathers coming at  him. His last conscious thought was that he was going to die.

"Doctor, doctor?" Bethany asked worriedly as she shook him awake.

 "Whaa ... ?" He mumbled as he peeked up at her, cross eyed.

"You fell asleep on the couch, Doctor, and your next appointment is here."

"If  it's that witch with wings, throw her out the window," he said crossly.

"It's your regularly scheduled appointment, and he doesn't have wings,"  she said in confusion.

"Reschedule it, I have a headache. I'm going home." He said as he went to get his jacket.

The End

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