Chapter 1 - The Arterton General Spaceport

A humorous sci-fi adventure about a girl called Eve and her fiance!
I would love someone else to take up writing a chapter, because collaborative writing sounds fun and I'm completely new to it.
Set in (An incredibly optimistic view of) 2080, remember this detail if you write something for the story!

According to last years advertising materials, the Arterton General Spaceport was designed to look and feel just like an authentic early 21st century airport. According to most historians, they obviously hadn't hired a very good architect, because early 21st century airports didn't tend to have holographic light fountains, mag-lev luggage belts, passenger delivery pods, or indeed spaceships themselves. (However they did concede that the automated help desk's incompetence at actually helping people, was very similar to the ones in the 2010's.) This lead to a public rift between A.G.S and the historian community that resulted in the latest advertising materials proclaming that A.G.S was now "The Spaceport of the Future", which all parties involved agreed was far more accurate.

All this meant nothing to 18 year old Eve Jennings, who would only describe the A.G.S as "Big", and in fact did, blurting out the word as she stepped out of the elevator, and into the main hub of the port.
Almost instantly she realized how stupid she had sounded, and tried to cover it up. "I-I mean, this place is pretty big...and crowded." she said hastily.
Her boyfriend Paul turned to grin at her. "Not scared are you?" he jibed.
"No! No, it's just...I've never been somewhere like this before" She replied.
"Well, what can you expect from a rural upbringing? Bloody Treehugger!"

Eve would normally have been offended by this phrase, but Paul was pulling his 'Only teasing face, and anyway, she had to concede that he was right. She had grown up in one of the last nature reserves on earth. These were fast disappearing, and being transformed by the Human Grand Council into accommodation, spaceports, shopping hubs, or one of the brand new 'Efficiently Centralized City Data Centers' (ECCDC's) that were being introduced, even though they were really just libraries with better health and safety regulations.

The nature reserves that still existed had an embargo on any technology that could harm the ecosystem, so Eve hadn't had much experience with technology.  She had run away with Paul for precisely that reason. She was bored, and an incredibly cute boy from the city had proposed to her! What more did she need? Not the reserves, she had reasoned, if her parents wanted vegetation, they could go to a deep space colony. Everyone knew that Earth was on its last legs, and only the nostalgic H.G.C representatives had stopped humanity from relocating their 'homeworld' to Terramort, the delightful deep space colony world just outside the Zerichorn system.

Eve and Paul were on a trip to visit a scientific deep space colony called Harmony. Although referred to as 'The Harmony Colony', Harmony was made up of three colonies, which acted as self contained 'towns', complete with schools and homes. The colonies where set up to develop and design new technology, so each colony had a specialization. There was Eden, focused on biological technologies such as genetic engineering, Tech

The End

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