Women, InterruptedMature

Alex picked me up on Sunday morning, a large grin on her face. We'd met round the corner, to stop Beth from asking questions, but it hadn't mattered because she wasn't awake. The sun was shining down, and there was only a light breeze, which meant that the day was warm. Even so, I had on my own leather jacket, at Alex's request, and my skinny jeans. 

This time, when I wrapped myself around her on the back of the bike, I didn't feel at all shy. We sped off, enjoying the prospect of the day together. The trip to the beach didn't take as long on a bike as it did in the car. When we pulled up, it was in a quiet cove area, that threaded around to the main beach. 

"It's beautiful." I murmured as we took off the helmets. 

"Come on, down to the sea we go." She grinned, taking my hand in hers. We found a spot and got out the blanket from her bag; mine had the food and drink inside.

"You're not going to spend the day in those are you?" She asked, eyeing my trousers. 

"Are you?" I replied, pointing at hers.

"No. I bought a change." She grinned, fishing a pair of shorts out of her bag. She was already out of her leather jacket, in just her tank top. The sun was hot now, and I slipped mine off too. 

"So did I." 

"Could you hold the blanket up for me?" She asked, looking around at the few other people on the beach.

"Sure," I chuckled, following her lead. 

She changed, not completely gracefully, and then took the blanket. 

"You ready?"

"Oh I don't need cover," I chuckled. "I'm already wearing my bikini." I slipped off the trousers, and pulled the shorts on. Slowly. When I turned back around, Alex was red in the face, and it wasn't because of the sun. "And breathe." 

"You're terrible. And a tease. A terrible tease." I laughed and kissed her temple. "You could have warned me."

"And missed the expression on your face? Never." I stretched out on the blanket, slipping my shades over my eyes. 

"Mmmm, tease." I felt her lie down next to me, and kiss my shoulder. "Sun cream."

"I want a tan."

"And I want to be able to touch you without causing you pain."

I lifted my glasses and raised an eyebrow in her direction. She smirked. 

"Oh fine. Pass it here." I covered ever inch of exposed skin, and Alex did the same. I didn't miss her grinning at me as I did it, either. "Perve."

"Only with you." 

"Well I'm pleased about that, at least." 

We relaxed. It was almost strange in the beginning, how easy it was to let the hours slip by, not worrying about reports, or going to work. I definitely had a nap at one point, unused to lying around doing nothing, but she was there with a smile when I woke up. We went in the sea, but it was too cold still to stay out there long. I did enjoy the snuggling afterwards though. Never thought I'd admit that. 

Before the sun had set, we'd gone to a cafe to have some food, and then decided to take a stroll along the sand before heading back. I took her hand in mine, only because she seemed hesitant about taking mine, and swung them lightly between us. 

"How do you feel?" She asked after a while. 

"Good," I admitted. "You?"

"Happy." She stopped walking and dragged me round to face her. "Will you do me a favour?"


"Will you kiss me, like you did that first time you came to my place?" I remembered the kiss and what almost happened and flushed. "I just... I know we're waiting until you feel comfortable but I can't stop thinking about the way you looked at me and-"

"I feel comfortable."

"Well... that's good."

"No. I mean I feel comfortable. Ready." I smiled, playing with her fingers. "I don't think I'm going to bolt any more. I'd be an idiot to walk away from you." She bit her lip and grinned. 


"So yes. I'll kiss you again. Because I promised I wouldn't do it like that again until I was ready."

She slipped her arms over my shoulders, going in for the kiss. I leaned in, and then quickly pulled her down in to the sand, on top of me. 

"Ooh, what was that for?" She gasped. 

"Not right now." I chuckled. "I am not going to kiss you like that when we still have a full journey back to make."

"Tease." She muttered, but then kissed me, gently. We got up, and finished the walk, changing back in to our jeans as the temperature started to drop. We got on the bike, and headed back to her apartment. 

"I can feel the sand still." I chuckled as we tumbled in to the hall, between kisses. 

"We could take a shower?" She smirked. 

"Sounds like heaven..." We got through the door, and I pressed her against it as soon as it closed. "Kiss first?" 

"Please." She chuckled. 

I had my hands on her hips as the kiss began, but I couldn't help but slide them up to unzip her jacket as it continued. I heard it drop to the floor about the same time she started searching for my zip, but I wasn't looking. I was enjoying the way her lips felt, her tongue, her hair in my fingers...

My phone began to ring, vibrating in my pocket between us. We pulled away and stared at each other. 

"I can ignore it."

"Good."We went back to kissing. She got the zip, and my jacket was almost off when the phone rang again. "Just get it." She sighed. 

"You sure?"

"Yes. I'll get us a drink." 

It was Beth. 

"What's up?"

"There you are! Where have you been?"

"Erm, out?"

"Lena, your mum is here." There was a pause. "Lena?"

"I'm sorry, I just hallucinated. Did you just say my mother is here?" Alex stopped, in the middle of walking over to me with two glasses of wine, staring at me. 

"Yes. And she's been going through all the tea in the cupboard and never once needed the toilet, so can you get over here because she is starting to freak me the hell out?"

"Er- sure. Yeah. I'll be back soon." I hung up and stared at my phone until Alex came over. 

"Your mum is in the city?"


"Did she tell you she was coming?"

"We haven't spoken since I came out to her before first year, so no."

"Oh." She put the glasses down on the little chest of drawers near the door. "Well... you should go and see what she wants."

"I don't want to."

"I know you don't want to... but you should." She kissed me gently, stroking her hands through my hair. "Go. I can wait."

I nodded, kissed her, and then grabbed my jacket and left. Trust my mother to turn up just when I'd found someone I actually liked. 

The End

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