A Little Wine, A Little MusicMature

I rubbed my eyes and sighed. The report was done, basically, except for a read through to check for mistakes. I could do that tomorrow. I glanced at the clock. Nine. Probably too late to meet up with Alex. I decided to text her anyway. 

Hey, sorry we didn't get to meet. I only just finished.



The night is still young.

My phone began to ring and I grinned, answering immediately. 

"Are you sure?"

"Good evening to you too. And yes, I'm sure. Where are you?"

"In my room."

"Want me to pick you up?" I bit my lip. 

"Depends on what the plan is."

"How does a bike ride to the ocean sound?"

"Are you serious?"

"Well... yes. And no. It's probably not a good idea right now. But maybe one day, we can leave earlier and go?"

"That sounds awesome. But what about tonight?"

"You could come to mine, have a drink... relax."

"I'll be there in ten minutes... maybe fifteen."

"I could pick you up?"

"No... I need a walk. I've been sitting at my desk for hours. I'll be there soon."


I hung up, stretched, and looked down at my comfy clothes. Definitely changing before I go over. 

So I ended up in black skinny jeans, practically painted on, and a loose shirt that was almost the same blue as Alex's eyes. Not that I thought about that at all. It wasn't intentional. Honest. 

She buzzed me in and I got in the lift, suddenly feeling nervous. I'd been with more girls than I probably should have, but this felt suddenly important, and vital. Alex had that thing, that people talk about. The thing that no one can properly put in to words, but it draws you in and you didn't even realise you were missing it in your life before. 

I took a breath before knocking, and she didn't wait long to open. 

"Hey," she grinned, biting her lip. 

"Hello." I murmured, stepping in close to her. She was still wearing her clothes from earlier, but I could tell she'd been fussing over how to look. Her make up had been redone, and her hair looked like it had just be brushed. There was soft music playing behind her, and I chuckled softly. She really had gone all out. 

"Do you want wine?"

"Sure." I grinned, and she stepped back to let me in. 

"Red or white?"

"Red, please."

She disappeared to the kitchen, and I paused. Do I follow? Do I sit on the sofa? If this was just a one night thing, I would just follow her and go for it. This meant something, so much more than any other time, and suddenly I felt every inch of confidence fly from my body. It left me standing there, awkwardly, unsure of myself. 

"What are you doing?" She chuckled, finding me there a minute later, and handing me a glass. "Come on." She motioned for me to follow and I did, to the sofa. She put down her glass on the rough wood surface, and settled down. I followed suit, keeping a respectable distance between us. She eyed the gap with a grin. "I won't bite. Unless you want me to?" She raised an eyebrow, chuckling, and I rolled my eyes in an attempt to shake off all the nerves. I scooted closer, tucking one leg up under my body and facing her. 


"Much." She leaned in, slowly, and kissed me gently on the lips. "I've been waiting to do that." I relaxed a little more after that, taking a sip of wine while she asked me about my day. It felt so... nice. 

"What about your day?" I murmured, playing with her fingers. It had begun a moment ago, and now I couldn't seem to stop. They were soft and rough at the same time, gentle as she returned the motions and smiled down at our entwined hands. 

"It started to crawl by the minute I left the book shop."

"And now?"

She hesitated, her fingers pausing in mine. 

"And now I worry that it's going to be over too fast." She picked up her glass with her free hand, and took a sip, avoiding my eyes. I tugged on the fingers in my grasp, to gain her attention. 

"There's always tomorrow."

She chuckled and shook her head. 

"Well alright then."

"I didn't think you could be nervous." I laughed. She elbowed me. 

"I'm not nervous." I raised an eyebrow. "Okay maybe I am. But are you going to tell me you aren't? I saw you standing at the door earlier."

"Yes. Yes, I'm nervous. But I guess, it's been a long time since I wanted more than just... a hook up, with a woman."

"And now?"

"Now... now I want to enjoy every moment with you." 

She grinned and kissed me, and it soon went from soft and gentle to heated. I soon found myself wrapped around her hips, a leg either side, with her hands on my hips. When our lips broke for air, I felt her dive down to kiss my jaw, and then pepper kisses down my neck. I felt a hum of pleasure pass my lips, and then she sucked my collarbone. I let out a gasp and my hips, without my control, bucked in to her. She let out a groan, and her hands pulled my closer, sliding down to grip my ass. 

"God you're beautiful." She murmured in my my neck, flicking her tongue over my pulse point. I was flushed, tingling, and I'd never reacted this well before. Suddenly every inch of me seemed alive with nerves, reacting to her slightest touch. Her mouth was on mine again, and my hips ground in to hers again. I swallowed her moan eagerly, but she pulled away for a moment, resting her head against my shoulder. "You wanted to wait..."

I paused. I had. Did I still want to? My body definitely didn't. I was practically aching. Her hands moved from my ass on to my hips and she looked up at me, waiting. 

"I... I don't want to but... I think maybe I should."

"I shouldn't have reminded you," she sighed, only slightly joking. I climbed off of her, but stayed close. 

"No, you were right. But obviously this is headed one way. Just give me some time okay?"

"I trust you." She murmured in to my hair, and I laid my head on her shoulder. She wrapped her arm around me. 

"I don't trust myself yet. And I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't. But we'll wait. I might need a cold shower first though."

"Get in line." I groaned. 

The End

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