A New Beginning

Stacy and I sat at the counter and talked when she wasn't busy serving customers, clearing away dirty dishes and cleaning tables and since there had been a steady stream of customers all evening, I was not required to answer a lot of questions. Logan left about forty minutes after he had silently kicked me out of 'his' booth, just before the dinner rush. I was fascinated by how adept Stacy was at her job. Mom had never allowed me to work a job like most teens did these days. She was afraid that I would inadvertently use my 'gifts' and then my father would find us and take me away from her. I tried to help Stacy clear away some dishes at one table and almost dropped everything I carried when a kid ran past me to get to the bathroom. Stacy laughed and told me to just sit and she'd be fine to do it herself.

So I sat and watched the people who came and went, families, friends, client meetings and dates. I wanted to know what their lives were like, to get a glimpse into their minds, but again my mom had trained me to keep out of people's minds. It is an intrusion on their privacy, she lectured. So I just watched them and tried to figure out what they were thinking just by their expressions. 

Finally, the night was done and Stacy was ready to close up. I didn't know what I was going to do, since I had no where to go, but I did not want Stacy to know this, so I waved good-bye after exclaiming how much trouble I would be in when I got home if I didn't leave right then. She let me out the front door and locked up.

I walked quickly down the street looking like I was actually headed somewhere, when I felt like I was being followed. I looked around and over my shoulders, but didn't see anyone. I kept walking. As I came to the end of an alley, I was grabbed from behind and shoved into the alley. I wasn't scared, I had been expecting the attack. Opening my mind and peering into the mind of the person holding me, I sent thoughts of stabbing pains in his arms into the brain. He released me and started screaming. My mother had taught me how to protect myself at an early age. I turned around and scanned his brain for information. I immediately backed away from him. I pulled my thoughts away from his and ran down the street to get as far away from that man as possible. 

I ran until I could run no more and was sick. I had never been inside a mind that was so twisted and sick. It was very scary. As I slowed my breathing and heartbeat, I looked around at my surroundings and discovered I was across from a park. I decided to find a bench to curl up on and worry about what I was going to do in the morning. As I began to cross the street, I saw a movement to my right and I muffled a scream as I saw that Logan was standing next to a rundown building. 

He stood there, not quiet looking at me, but close enough to make me think he wanted me to see him. He turned and disappeared into the building. I waited a moment and looked around me to see if anyone was watching, No one was around. Logan popped his head out the door and slid his eyes over me again. I didn't need anymore hints, so I crossed the street and followed him into the building. We climbed three flights of stairs  and he opened a creaking door that led into a wide open space. Inside there were several areas where gathered people, mostly teenagers, sat around barrels. Fires illuminated their faces. They looked up when we entered the room. One dark skinned teen stood up and came forward. He was wearing torn jeans, a hoodie and worn leather jacket. He had several piercings and tattoos. His hair was short and fuzzy. It looked soft and I wanted to reach out and touch it, but I held back. I knew that would be the wrong thing to do.  

"I see Logan brought us another one." He said loud enough for everyone to hear.  

The End

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