Logan's eyes shifted over me and I could see that he was about to panic. The girl with the blue hair turned to me, "Logan comes here every day and he always sits at that table. If you don't mind letting him have the table I will give you a free slice of this apple pie my mom just made." 


I looked at Logan and he seemed to be lost and confused about what to do. He was tapping his fingers on the counter and was dong algebraic calculations out loud. I could tell something was different about Logan and I was intrigued. I shrugged my shoulders and got up and sat at the counter. Logan immediately sat down where I had just been and the waitress cleaned the table for him. She didn't hand him a menu but instead gave him some ice tea. "Your sandwich is on its way." Logan looked just sideways of her and nodded his head. 

The girl came over to me, "Thanks." She whispered. "Logan is autistic. He needs his routines to keep him calm."

"Where are his parents?" 

"Don't know. I've never met them. He comes in alone. By the way, I'm Stacy. My parents own this cafe." She handed me a slice of apple pie. 

"Thanks," I said. "My name is Ellie." I decided to go with my real name. I had never been allowed to use it before, but since I was on my own and looking for my father I wanted to reclaim something of who I really was. 


The End

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