Time To Go

I've been here for a week. A week of pretending that everything is okay. A week of meeting Kate and Rob's friends. A week of registering for school and meeting new kids and pretending to like them. I can't take it anymore.  It's time for me to go. I need to find my father.  Kate and Rob have been great but they are not my mother. They are not telepathic. They could never understand me. 

I hear Kate and Rob. They are turning out the lights and going to bed. I look at the clock on my dresser. It's bright white numbers are glowing. It's 10:15. I sit up and toss the covers aside. Reaching down, I retrieve my shoes and slip them on to my feet. Thankfully they still have carpet on all the floors up here. I can slip away without a sound. I grab my purse from the desk and walk to the door. Turning the handle, I listen for Kate and Rob. They are lost in dreamland. This time I build a brick wall in my mind to shut out their dreams. I have been practicing all week to figure out how to block their thoughts. Two nights ago I came up with the idea of shielding my mind by building a brick wall around it. No thoughts can get through while I have the wall up.  The only drawback is that I now have to rely on my regular senses to know if Kate or Rob wake up to check on me. Those senses are not use to being used by me. 

I open the door and step out into the hall. Retrieving a letter from my purse, I wrote to the Foster's, I place it on the hall table and tiptoe down the stairs avoiding the creaky spots.  As I make my way through the house I take one thing that isn't mine. A small picture of the Fosters. Stuffing it into my purse, I leave the house and head out to the stables. I have a plan for a false trail.  Inside the stable, I approach the sandy mare. Rob was taken completely by surprise when I was able to learn how to ride quite quickly. Of course he didn't know about my advantage. At first the horses were a bit weary of me, but their curiosity of me soon overcame their nervousness.  Unlocking Dreamer's Sand, I open the stall, reach in and pat the horse. She responds to my touch right away and comes forward out of the stall. I saddle her and load her down with enough weight to simulate a rider. 

"Dreamer head east and don't stop until you reach the second town over.  In the morning they will follow and find you. Make sure you leave a good trail." I slap her on the rump and Dreamer takes off quietly. I grab the backpack I had filled with food and water, blankets and a change of clothes and head west through the fields. 

The End

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