Leaving Isn't Easy (Part 2)

I lie here in my new comfy bed, staring up at the ceiling. I'm listening to Kate and Rob. They are discussing their dreams and hopes for me. rob wants to teach me to ride horses and Kate wants to take me shopping for clothes and introduce me to all her quilting buddies. It would be sweet if I weren't already set on leaving. Slowly they begin to drift off to sleep. Kate first as she imagines us getting closer to each other and bonding over our losses. Then Rob conks out in the middle of business calculations relating to the sell of a prized bull. I shake my head and try to not laugh. Sometimes listening to other peoples thoughts can be fun and rewarding but other times like earlier today when I got a glimpse into Rob's grief over how his daughter died, I really hate being a telepath. 

Now that both of them are in deep sleep, I sit up and toss the covers to the side. I reach down and grab my purse. I sling my feet over the bed and stand up. Softly walking across the floor, I cross the bedroom and open the door. It creaks a little. I slip through the doorway and enter the hallway. I stop and listen. Rob is having a nightmare. He is watching as his daughter rides alongside the cattle. She doesn't see the bull charging towards her, Rob screams but his daughter doesn't hear, she is focused on the new cows. I watch with Rob as the bull slams into her horse and his daughter is sent flying though the air into the midst of fleeing cattle. Screaming, I am rooted to the floor. Suddenly, Kate and Rob are by my side. They reach for me. I shrink away from their touch. 

Kate looks at Rob, They are clueless as to what caused me to scream. I run to the bathroom and vomit the large meal I had at supper time. The image plays over and over in my head and now that I have seen it, I will never be free of it. My mother died before she could teach me how to block people's thoughts. I know that I won't be getting out tonight. I'll have to wait until tomorrow night and hope for better results. Kate and Rob follow me to my room and stand ready while I crawl back into bed. Kate is asking if I want anything. I shake my head no. They both promise to sit up until I can sleep again. They think I was sleep walking and dreaming about my mother's crash. I don't correct them. Shivering I cover my head with the blankets. I try to block out the scene replaying itself in my head when I hear a song. Kate is singing to me.  I concentrate on her voice. It's soothing and I slowly drift off to sleep. 

The End

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