Ellie, a telepathic teenager is searching for her father. He is the leader of a telepathic group that advocates war against the mundanes, the very reason her mother took her away from him. Ellie knows war is coming. She must decide whether to fight along side her father or against him. This decision is made more difficult by her feelings for Logan, a mundane.

Telepaths band together in groups, but my mother left her group when I was born. We've been on the run ever since, moving from place to place, creating new names and stories to remember. Never telling anyone and avoiding other telepaths. She did not want my father to find us. The accident changed all that for me. 

While holding a red rose in my hand, waiting to place it on my mother’s casket, I hear the whispers of my mother’s co-workers. I focus on them.

“Poor girl, what will happen to her?”  The woman with the black lace hat and matching gloves asks.

Lindsay, who keeps sending out thoughts of guilt and sadness my way, whispers, “I hear she has no family left. Her mother told me that the girl’s father died of diphtheria..”

Really, Mom, did you always have to use that story. I do my best to not laugh. It was not true of course. However, these people would never know.

The social worker pats my arm, indicating that I need to move forward to lay the rose on the casket. At first I think my body will not cooperate with me, but I finally put one foot in front of the other. I bend forward, lay the rose down and then return to my place in the group of people.

The preacher is now reciting the ‘ashes to ashes’ thing. I shed no tears. I tell myself that I will cry when I am alone. This is when it hits me; I am alone.


The End

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