Prying eyes.

A introductory paragraph of a timid girl infatuated with novels encountering a rather dubious, emaciated boy in a coffee shop.

Her verdant eyes were an entrancing tint of sapphire radiating her cadaverous skin. Engrossed on the blanched page, her vision fixated on the pen etching a dismantled ship, intricately trailing her pen with a meticulous motion, shadowing the sea a shade of azure. Her pupils widening as her glance flicked upwards, her frail neck descending. Scrutinizing an emaciated, slender boy with luscious coffee coloured hair swept across his eyelashes. His leather satchel buried under his boots, spilling with an array of classic novels. His fingers elongating as he tousled his fringe, his pallid lips carressing the china cup brimming with green tea. His cheeks flushed a shade of rose as his smoky eyes hooked onto hers, captivated by his alluring beauty. His protruding shoulders bending towards his satchel to retrieve a book, sweeping off the dust clinging to his quivering hand. Her eyes erupting with the desire to observe his collection. Her pen palpitating her sketchpad in a yearning to shuffle over to the seat in alignment to his satchel teeming with literature. Her mind ruminating over the possibilities of this ghastly, malnourished boy. He furrowed his brow as his finger skimmed through the pages, his head inclining towards her direction as his eyes spewed sorrow, a feeling she was very much accustomed to. 

The End

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