Chapter 10Mature

   “How did this happen?” Leicester knelt on the carpet before Adam, taking his arm and pushing the sleeve up further in order to examine the bruises properly.
   “You might want to ask your soldiers.”
   “Let the boy speak, Amanda.”
   She scowled at this scolding, but remained silent.
   “Adam?” Leicester watched the child’s face.
   Adam looked up at Amanda, seeking something in her face to strengthen his resolve. She nodded and smiled kindly at him, and he took a deep breath before addressing the man staring intently at him.
   “The soldier who escorted me to Dr. Bell’s study for- for my lesson.”
   “What? Give me his name. Why would he do a thing like that?” Leicester seemed distressed before his logical nature reminded him that he was speaking to a child, and that children were known for tears and hyperbole, “what did you do?” he accused.
   “I did nothing! They hate me merely because I exist!”
   “Yes. All of them. Even the few who don’t hit me look at me like I’m dirt. I can see how uncomfortable they are around me,” Adam’s lip began to tremble.
   Uneasy at the thought of dealing with a crying child, Leicester held the boy’s chin in one of his hands in an effort to steady the trembling. Adam mistook this as a gesture of affection and leaned in to Leicester, burying his face in his shoulder.
   As Leicester looked towards Amanda, his face bewildered and his arms out to the sides, she could not help but feel disappointed in him as his biological son reached out for him and he made no effort to soothe the child’s pain. Eventually he pushed Adam gently away from him and spoke:
   “Okay, ah, Dr. Bell and I are going to talk about this presently. Will you take a seat over on the couch for a moment?”
   Adam nodded and made his way to the couch that occupied the corner of the office, wiping his eyes. Sinking in to the plush leather he watched as the two adults disappeared through a second door on the opposite side of the room, Leicester holding it open for Amanda.

The End

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