Chapter 9Mature

   “Right,” she said, standing and patting Adam’s shoulder, “come with me.”
   She was already out of the study door and waiting to lock it as Adam looked up, dazed. He snatched up his blazer and followed, tears still wetting his cheeks.
   “Where are we going?” he asked as they proceeded through the corridor.
   “To see Leicester and sort this out.”
   Amanda turned to the boy, who had stopped abruptly and was looking at her with anxiety in his eyes.
   “Adam, we’re going to tell Leicester about what Mr. Marcel and the others are doing to you and he’s going to put a stop to it” she continued to speak over the child’s protests, “look, you can’t allow people to get away with things like this. Now come along or I’m going without you,” she resumed her hasty march along the corridor, relieved to hear Adam’s quickened footsteps echoing around her as he jogged to catch up.
   Upon reaching their destination Amanda did not pause. Her manners were not important to her in her fury and she twisted the antique bronze handle of the oak door and threw it open without bothering to knock.
A tinny voice reached her ears as she tramped into Leicester’s office, coming to a halt behind its occupant, who was standing before his desk. The tinny voice was perplexed: “What is this, Doctor?”
   Leicester’s demeanour remained perfectly composed despite the interruption. He only turned his head to survey Amanda momentarily before speaking once again to the computer screen on his desk, upon which a man’s face was displayed, eyebrows raised - the source of the tinny voice.
   “Nothing urgent, Prime Minister, I am sure,” Leicester drawled, “Dr. Bell will return at a more appropriate time.”
   “Actually, my business is urgent,” Amanda growled at the back of Leicester’s head as she pulled Adam from where he cowered behind her, placing her hands on his shoulders.
   “Ah! Is this our clone?” the voice from the screen asked with no effort to hide his fascination.
   This time Leicester whipped his head around to glance behind him with such speed that his neck made a clicking noise. First he frowned at the child’s frightened features, taking in the puffy lids around the eyes - the hallmark of recent tears - but he soon rolled his own eyes and returned his attention to the screen before him.
   “Yes, Prime Minister, this is Adam, though I’d have preferred to unveil him in a more ceremonial manner. Nevertheless, here he is. I would offer you the opportunity to speak with him, but I fear he appears to be afflicted.”
   Adam squirmed in his teacher’s grasp, uncomfortable at being spoken about in such a depersonalised way.
   The Prime Minister continued to stare eagerly from the screen, but eventually shook his head.
   “No, no, that’s quite alright. I’ll leave you to attend to your business - I think we had almost finished anyway? I’d love to have the opportunity to speak with it another time though, Dr. Niels.”
   “I am sure that could be arranged.”
   “Excellent! Yes, well goodbye, Dr Niels,” with a final murmur of “fascinating,” the Prime Minister closed the communication channel, leaving the screen blank aside from the Genero Facility’s logo in the centre.
   “You are lucky you caught the Prime Minister off-guard,” Leicester said, turning to face his visitors, “that was a very important conversation. Adam, why aren‘t you wearing your blazer? You look scruffy.”
   “This is why” Amanda pulled up the unbuttoned sleeve of Adam’s shirt, revealing the bruises he had shown her earlier.

The End

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