Chapter 6Mature

To: Eve Niels
From: Leicester Niels, Genero Facility, England
April 1st, 2052

Dear Eve,
  I could not have dreamed that this project would go quite so smoothly! Clearly the circumstances under which it came about are less than pleasing - Protegasis still incapacitates the majority of the country - but our clone is now a perfectly healthy baby of six months, and a handsome one at that. I must say, our ‘experiment’s’ pudgy little features are rather endearing, as are the fits of giggles he falls into when excited. Not that I am with him constantly, no, quite the contrary - it would be very unprofessional for him to have shared a living space with Amanda and I. I may be his father genetically, but he remains the result of years of painstaking research and I must take an objective view of the situation. We share genes but that is all. Very few people are even aware of that.
  Yet I am still required to spend time with the little fellow. Regular assessments must be carried out to make sure everything is going to plan. He undergoes rigorous physical and mental checks which will only intensify as he ages. He is ageing well, in case you were wondering. I made the decision not to accelerate his growth and I continue to stand by that decision - I want a healthy, untainted example of the future, and that is what Adam will be.
  There is one thing, though. While Adam’s development has been in no way worrying, it has been somewhat irregular. It is difficult to explain, but Amanda is the one who notices these things. She wonders if it is at all possible that the child is perhaps too well-developed. I myself am not sure how strong the average six-month-old should be, but even I was surprised to see him hoist himself up on a nearby technicians’ lab coat and take a few bold steps toward Amanda. You may know more than I, but I am sure it is a little early for him to begin walking. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but I will certainly keep a careful eye on Adam’s progress. Could it be possible that, somewhere in all of the cell modification and the chemicals the boy was absorbing in that tank prior to his birth, he became stronger than we intended? Perhaps his bones are better fortified, or his muscles are
  Eve, I am terribly sorry to leave an unfinished mail but I must go - even as I type I am called upon to oversee the child’s progress!
  Leicester x

The End

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