Chapter 2Mature

Email 2
To: Eve Niels
From: Leicester Niels, Genero Facility, England
January 12th, 2051

My dearest Eve,
 At last, some hope! The Prime Minister accepted my proposal, albeit reluctantly. Not only is the Genero Facilities’ future secure, we have been given authorisation to create the first human clone!
I cannot begin to articulate my excitement, dear sister! In creating this clone, we prove that we are ready to create clones en mass. Whole sets of cloned organs can be aged prematurely within whole human bodies, guaranteed to be healthy and immune to the effects of the mutated Protegasis virus! Yes, we can make these bodies immune by taking tissue samples only from people who have demonstrated an immunity to the virus.
 There is not much time to explain - I am terribly eager to begin this project and there are many preparations to undertake.
I will leave you with this thought, however: I am going to create our first clone from a sample of my own DNA! I am most definitely a suitable candidate - besides my exceptionally high IQ and boyish good looks (be quiet!), I have a natural immunity to the Protegasis virus!
 I know there are ethical issues which I have not covered - there is not time at the moment. Rest assured that any clones who’s organs are to be ‘harvested’ will never be awoken. It would not be right to allow them to develop a consciousness only to take it from them when their organs are required.
 Our first-born however, our ‘trial clone’, will begin life as an infant. He will live a conscious life and his growth will not be accelerated - we must be sure that a complete clone’s body will function and develop properly before we do this en mass. Yes, that will take time, but it is necessary.
I keep mentioning time - it is indeed my enemy, and it is eluding me presently. I will do my best to keep you updated, dear Eve, though I can only see my workload increasing heavily in the foreseeable future. Rest assured, I will not forget you.
All my love, Leicester x

E-mail 3
To: Eve Niels
From: Leicester Niels, Genero Facility, England
November 1st, 2051

My Dearest Eve,
 I have not slept a wink all night! How could I possibly, when I am about to discover the fruits of one of the greatest scientific experiments in Earth’s history? The culmination of my research is so close I will soon be able to reach out and touch it’s flesh - literally! Dear sister, today we awaken our clone. If only you were here to see it, to share my joy in this momentous occasion. I do hope you are proud of me, and I dedicate all of the good that comes from this project to you.
Some remain unconvinced; even the few who have worked closely on the conception and nurturing of our clone are sceptical, and they either tell me he will not survive or that my endeavours are pointless. Today I prove them wrong.
Be in peace, Eve,
Leicester x

The End

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