Protection From The Fallen

It's about a made up fan fiction story of anime such as Naruto Shippuuden and Bleach pretty much. I came up with it just for fun, and I wish to share a cool point of view. In Bleach Manga 348-350 the Arrancar Ulquorria has became 2nd form called "Resurreccion Segunda Espada" a form that non other has achieved. I added myself to this story as a thought for fun. I even equipped myself to the power of Kyuubi the 9 tail fox from the series Naruto, and that with enough power to go up to 4 tails, whic

 (If u wish to see the characters, look up the manga inlisted in the summary!)

  Ulquorria held onto Ichigo's neck with his very slick long tail, without turning his head he dazed at Orihime and Uyru as they came into the platform below. On the giant red pillar, Ukquorria noted, "You're just in time. Watch closely." As he said so, he put his long sharp dagger like finger nail against Ichigo's chest and started charging up a miniture black cero (known as a energy blast). "This is the moment the man you've put your hope in-" The cero charges and Orihime's eyes widen with horror and dread, wrinkles under her eyes as her heart beats are heard. Ulquorria finishes his sentence off as the cero becomes a ball getting to it's fullest potential, "Will lose his life." Orihime shouts in desperation, "Stop!"

  Right before he unleases the blast into Ichigo's chest, a figure popped out of no where and side kicked Ulquorria's head, but he dodged and aimed the blast at the figure firing a huge solid wave of pitch black. Silence as the cero dies out, Ulquorria stares into the nothingness as Ichigo gasps for air. "Whom tried to save you this time?" Ulquorria asked curious. Then the figure reapeared from a hole recently made into the top of the red pillar and snatched Ichigo from the grasp of Ulquorria's tail. Without hesitation, the tail lashed out and thrusted a blade into the figure's back causing him to spiral down and crash into the floor below. In a flash step, Ulquorria was already on the floor standing and walked toward the dust caused by the crash. Ichigo layed saftly, breathing and bloody with his sword still clutched in his hand, as the figure got up and panted.

  "Who are you...?" He asked, amused by his survival by the blade that slashed into him so deep, seeing his back drip with blood. "Ry-Ryan...Matthew." As exposed from the dust, it was a teen around 17-20. He seemed to look human with a gray jacket on and a neckalixe with a pic you use with a guitar that had "Pick Jesus" on it, blue and shiny. Ulquorria was fasinated, but determined to destory them both in one swipe with his powers. Orihime stared her eyes relaxing but mouth slightly open from shock, as Uyru stared and was confussed. "Awh, I think you can be a hero and save him?" Ryan looked down and flinged his fingers inward to his hand getting ready for battle as under his feet a big ora of red flashed around him and took hold. Ryan was forced to kneel and yelped in pain. He shuttered and growled exposing fangs and energy grew three tails from behind.

  As this went on, Ulquorria watched with eyes fixed on Ryan. Then, Ryan's skin started to peel off and he cried in agony and roared making the area vibrate from such a blast. A black foggy ora surrounded him and blocked the view, and then the gravity began to thicken. This was his power, the 9 tails power that caused him to shift from a possessed kid with chakura (energy/ora) that surrounded him in the shape of a fox, to where from inside the black fog drifted his organs, body structure, and looks into a new step. A forth tail appeared and a huge blast broke out of such force Orihime and Uyru bent down and blocked with holdin each other from the dramatic power. Inside of Ryan was a huge room, like a broken down factory and Ryan stood at the gigantic gate with bars and a giant demonic fox in darkness gazed down at Ryan, filling the room with liquid red substance that allowed Ryan to swim inside the cage, and then the kyuubi held Ryan with his palms and created a bright light that totaly took over Ryan's conciousness.

  One last outburst of a roar, Ryan's skin was almost all melting away and burning to a crisp, making his fangs exposed and cloths covered with the melting blood oozing over his body. Ulquorria was speechless and yet, pleased to see this affect. He was bewildered, but yet unfrightened. In fact, he muttered, "Humans are all the same, no matter what they try to gain power from, they die falling only harder." A huge beam of red unstrained energy flowed up making the area full of high winds that made Ichigo slide on his back and Orihime's hair flap widly as Uyru held his ground grunting from the hot air coming at them. Once it died down, a big creator was under Ryan, only it wasn't Ryan anymore in mental wise. There, stood a demonic animal on it's fours wagging it's four tails slowly and his flesh just a flow of energy with red and black racing across rapidly, it had long ears and sharp white nails, the hair of Ryan remained shape but part of the body. The face was pitch black, but it's eyes was pure white and it's mouth looked like a pumpkin with sharp edges and inside was also pure white.

  What only remained that notify it was Ryan, that his neckalice of the blue Jesus pic remained there unharmed around his neck. It growled so deep and vicious, it sent a cold chill down Ichigo's back when he sat up to witness this new form that Ryan took. It kneeled it's upper body down to growl constintly at Ulquorria, who just stood there and with dozed eyes slowly took steps to this beast. Ryan took action by hoping off it's front two and standing on its hind legs, like a human. Ulquorria stopped in his tracks and humhed a confussed tone. The creature narrowded it's eyes and sparkled its claws into the ground with a rush and sent a big title wave of energy and huge broken pieces of the gravel at Ulquorria which he used his big back wing to cover from the blast. Everyone else ran up, Ichigo getting rescused by Uyru with Orihime riding on his back as they got as far away as possible.

  "What the hell is going on!" Ichigo cried out, fustraited but totaly lost. Orihime looked back, to see the beast growling and taking a stance for battle. Her eyes narrowed in a sad way, feeling sorry for bandining it. Uyru clentched his teeth exposing it and answered, "I don't know. But, who ever saved you is taking care of him now!" As he leaped with both on him off, Ryan stood and focused with his eyes to see if he got Ulquorria. In a flash, Ulquorria's hand, black and sharp with unbelievable power held onto Ryan's head in a blink of an eye and was chucked upward rolling against the red pillar making huge cut marks as Ryan was flung. At the top, he was rolling past the roof and in the air tried to maintain his balance but Ulquorria stood in the air and like a dagger thrusted his hand into Ryan's stomach. But, surprisingly it didn't surpass his body, his hand pushing into him but not through. The four tailed beast roared and made the area, the air and gravity get heavy beams of rays shown from it's massive voice and slashed a upper cut at Ulquorria's neck. It caused a little gush of blood, making Ulquorria's eyes widen with shock and then looked back at Ryan only to realize an incoming attack with one of the tails on his left, blocked by Ulquorria's foot.

  "Impressive, yet sadly a mistake..." Ulquorria charged a cero from his hand in front of Ryan's forehead and his eyes widened, big white circles as he watched the cero expand into a circle. Ryan used his other three tails to try and push him off, but Ulquorria blocked with such foot movements his tails were forced back leaving Ryan vanurable. The beast used one of his other arms to slash at his face, but in a flash it was held on by Ulquorria and squeezed to where the inner bones were being crushed. Yelping and furious, the kyuubi struggled widly. "Nothing but a mindless beast, no words to explain trash." The cero went off blasting the beast all the way across the sky and from far away crashing into a few other red pillars. In the air like it had a floor to stand on, Ulquorria remained staring and closed his eyes. "Now to finish my mission for Lord Aizen-" He then heared a crushing noise from far away and took notice, making another humh tone in his throat. He tried to see, but the cero's blast made a big dust he couldn't see through.

  The pillar under him busted out, he looked down to see two huge red hands that seem to grew from the kyuubi reached to grab Ulquorria. Getting out of the way, the hands grabbed nothing, but from the wrists another pair appeared and raced to get him. "Interesting." Said Ulquorria as he fly like a jet plane swirling and stepping side to side running like a blur down the red pillars and went for the source where the arms were coming from. Dodging the incoming shots of the arms only for more to spawn and strike, he noticed the Kyuubi was unharmed from the cero and had it's arms plundged into the ground, watching Ulquorria with a strict face. Without much else, Ulquorria spiraled and did a full front kick into the Kyuubi's hest making him fly back and his arms grew while the other big ones desolved. Ulquorria dashed his hands to hit the Kyuubi over and over into his chest, face, and sides making him fly more back non stop. A big bang occured when Ulquorria did a final blow with his fist into the back of Ryan's head and a huge dust flew into the air and caused a shock wave.

  After that...He stood and dusted himself off cranking his neck and sighed. "Worthless, a heart only leaves humans to die in misery." Ulquorria noticed the gravity began to heavily steady and get harder and a blast of pure red energy shot out and this time, Ulquorria had to use his arm to cover his eyes from the bright flash. Once settled down, he carefully stepped foward and his eyes widened again. Ryan looked the same, except he had two more sets of tails making six, and had a form of a skeleton structure over his body, like the bones were hoovering over him. Ryan had fossils on him, in a shape ofa kyuubi not all connected but remained to be stuck on him. He seemed more powerful, the voice deeper and the size extended. Ulquorria narrowed his eyes from a slight irritation in his brain and slid his hand in front of his face exposing his claws.

  Ryan growled and before Ulquorria could notice, Ryan flung himself using the tails support like a catapolt to fly right into him. Ryan hugged him by the shoulders making Ulquorria slide back trying to force his feet into the ground like a break dragging them. Ryan took a crunch into his arm and ripped it off, blood spurring all over, Ulquorria stunned from the quick reaction Ryan gave off and then used his two other tails to grab onto Ulquorria's legs and made him trip hitting the giant red pillar crashing down over them...

                                         To Be continued...




The End

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