Mama always said that God would protect her.

I would always ask her why she let him come back time and time again. She would say that he was just having a bad day.

"Mama why do you make excuses for him? You always tell me that excuses don't change the past; you still did what you did. Mama he still did what he did to you."


You continued to say that he was having a bad day. His bad days made everyone have a bad day.

His last bad day was my nightmare.

I could hear you screaming out in pain. I ran to the neighbors to call police. To this day I don't remember anything after the red and blue flashing lights flashing. The neighbors told me that when they brought you out of the house that I ran to and started to scream out, "God was to protect you. That I screamed it over and over until I fell to my knees and began to cry.


Five years later as I sit by your headstone I finally realized how God protected you; he couldn't protect you here on earth so he called you home.

The End

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