Who am I to the next generation

A Romanesque nose drops from my brow

‘neath dual guardians camouflaged in green

The deep crescent canyon parting my lips

Reveals tall tales the guardians have seen.


My hair is black but turning white

A grand piano in fading light

The bronzed skin of my aging body

Cracked! An antique painting gone shoddy.


These limbs once agile and fierce

‘come victims to time, weakened by age

The strong mind and warrior’s thoughts

Fleeting actors leaving the stage.


Still the drumbeat continues to thrive

Man’s triumphant will, the heart alive

decay decrepit feeble and frail

Though broken in body, strong spirits don’t fail.


To newly planted trees in the forest of humanity

I foist upon you the brilliance of years

With Love Faith Empathy and Belief

The heart will smile, though the body in tears.


Final words drip from my pen

A blackened plume betraying my soul

Forty seasons of experience expressed in these drops

Wisdom for offspring sealed, in Protagonist’s scroll.

The End

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