Who am I? I am a girl of twenty...

I am a girl of twenty,

Who likes to draw and write,

Ideas I've got plenty,

But sometimes they give me a fright.


I can come off as scary,

Too critical for my own good,

But on the contrary,

I always follow my mood.


I write when I am sad,

I write when I am happy,

I use my writing when I'm glad,

I use it when I am sappy.


I am hard on myself,

And love others writing,

I love a story that tells itself,

Without an author's guiding.


I like to think I'm tall,

But caffeine stopped me short--

I never want to fall

From where my dreams are port.


My mother raised me on her own,

After my father's demise,

She had to deal with the angst that I as a teenager had shown,

And yet, on my two feet I rise.


I have more curly hair than I want,

My friends always wish they had it,

'Bring the glue and the scissors' I taunt,

And then they don't really want it.


I am of Spanish decent,

But you probably all ready knew that,

It is quite pleasant,

When I can visit my family in a place where I need a hat!


I guess I could say some more,

I could bring up lots of cool stuff,

But then I would probably just be a bore,

And fill your brains with fluff!


The End

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