Who Am I?

“Who am I”?  It’s hard to say,

When my role in this household changes by the day.

I’m a granny and a grand ’mom’, raising grandkids now for years.

This means I’ve lots of blessings and, of course, shed many tears.


My youngest daughter just received a motorized wheelchair as a gift!

She’ll be able to get into my van, even though it hasn’t a lift.

Middle daughter is homeless; she’s my houseguest and the kids’ mother.

All responsibility is still on me, so I don’t know why I bothered.


I’m taxi driver for grandson, who works and is seventeen;

Mentor for granddaughter, who is  now age fourteen.

Caregiver for youngest daughter,  who just turned thirty-one;

Still raising thirty-six year old middle child; not sure I’ll ever be done.


I have one dog, his middle name is “Duh”;

He acts like all the rest of us, so I have to wonder “Whaaa?”

I’m blessed to have all these folks living here with me.

Because I’m convinced it’ll keep me young – so it’s really a blessing, you see.


I’m grand-mom by day, writer by night,

Home school teacher for the kids;  I gotta get stuff right.

Gardener, cook, baker, canner – hey, preserve the food!

Entrepreneur, retired massage therapist; LOL, I must be good.


This poem, this ditty

Is meant to sound so pretty;

But my poetry and other written stuff

Will really blow away this fluff.

This page is just me,


My poems, prose, and written work

Will give a better picture, then  you’ll know that I’m no jerk.

The End

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