Mars Attacks :(

When I was a kid, I would love Tim Burton movies. One day, my father introduced the one tim burton movie that makes me want to crawl into a hole and pray for survival; Mars Attacks. Yeah, I am sure it sounds pretty stupid now, but then, I would cry myslef to sleep every night. I would toss and turn untill I fell asleep. Then, new horrors fell upon me as firey images of aliens destroying me ruthlessly.  Images of green and red skeletons tortured me in school and home alike; haunting me and causing me to tantrum at the mere sight of a skeleton in science class. This was the worst week of my life! My mother didn't talk to my father for this. Soon I realized that it was supposed to be a humorous movie. Even now, I tremble at the very thought of the idea of the noises "ACK ACK ACK" themselves.

The End

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