Protagonizers, share your nightmares!

If you dare!

In my way younger years, my nightmares involved what many of us know as sleep paralysis, where our brain freezes our bodies so we don't act out dreams and possibly hurt ourselves. Accompanied with my imagination, they conjured up hazy images of a phantom chasing me through tunnel after tunnel in a shadowy place that rhythmically flashed with a strobing multicolored light. (come to think of it, he looked almost like those little ghosts on the Pacman games, lol, but it was scary to me as a youngster!) I would crawl frantically through these tunnels with the phantom always drawing nearer and nearer. I tried so hard to wake up, usually to no avail, and it seemed the more I did, the slower I would go, and the closer the phantom would get. We all know how this feels, to be chased in a dream almost as though we are traversing through something thick, like water. And, at the peak of my fear, struggling to wake up, eventually reality would return and I would awaken, breathing hard, searching for my assailant with wide and frightened eyes, but not finding him. Oddly enough, I am now able to control my sleep paralysis episodes and make them not uncomfortable and long, but short and interesting.

Another dream proceeded the late night watching of a flick known as "Steven King's Rose Red,” which was based on the book. Whoo, was that a trip. I love the movie now, but as a kid it scared the hell out of me. Lying in bed after the credits had rolled and gone, I was almost completely certain that the gnarled, brown hand of some dead and rotting horror would seize me at any moment and pull me into a dark and inescapable Hell. Then, as I finally fell asleep, I dreamnt that very thing happened. Deformed and hungry faces appeared on what could pass for my bedroom ceiling, there was no where I could flee, for they were everywhere! Bulges stirred in the carpet and beneath the floor, trying to break free, a cloud of shadows and screams enveloped me with a cloak that covered everything, and the hand of a dead person grabbed my foot.

Well, that's what I got for immersing myself in Steven King's diseased ideas before bed! And at seven or eight years old? HMMM!


Another happened on a dark and stormy night. (LOL) I had a dream that three stereotypical monsters with fur stood in a row outside my window, and when the lightning flashed, I saw their terrible teeth gleam and gnash. One had orange fur, I recall, and a pair of curved horns. Another had red eyes, of course, and it smiled a devious smile.

One of the most jarring ones to date had to be about the cursed cat-head beads. See, I had these plastic bead things that would be used for making jewelry. They were cute, but my mind turned them into something awful. In the nightmare the atmosphere was perpetually dark and gray, the beads were animated, could hop around, and had evil powers. Shaped like cat heads, it seemed they haunted my room for days. I couldn't be free from their malevolent influence, even when moving to my parent's room. The nightmare bothered me for a whole day even after I woke up, but no one understood. Just what is so horrible about kitty beads? Ha!

I actually do not remember any fantastical and frightening nightmares I've had since these. The most recent ones have involved elements of real life which are terrifying enough. The essence of loneliness and doubt, of sadness, seem like nightmares to me now, but all that as always comes to end.

Usually to me, things that should be scary actually seem whimsical and amusing. Don't know why. Maybe its because I never watched a lot of horror movies or read a lot of horror books growing up. Nonetheless, I still write a good bit of horror and creepy stuff these days, and they are made better by the context and weird characters of dreams that should be frightening, but are not...

So, fellow protagonizers...tell about your nightmares, and perhaps also explain how (or if) they inspired you in some way to write stories, poems, and other creations.


The End

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