Protagonize and Yours truly


It was completely dark in the room when I entered. Ugh. That was officially my last run on my motorcycle for at least a week.

I sat down at my laptop. Great. 1943 unread messages. I opened the first one. A forward.  I deleted about five forwards and then I scanned my inbox. Mom, sister, mom, mom, rogers wireless, all uninportant. I was almost at the bottom of the page when something caught my eye. Protagonize!  I´d received a comment! I clicked on the link that took me to my profile page. Who was Iknoyu780?      

  " Hello. I AM  IKNOYU780. Please read my stories. You may fine them quite interesting. "      

Weird. Out of curiosity, I clicked on his profile picture. The stories he had written had titles like  "Fama Regis" and "Deñar Sonetla"

Fama regis.... that was the title of a book in my favorite series: Dragons in our midst. That wasn´t a real book. I was about to write back to tell him that  that was against the law to do that when I heard a scream.

The End

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