Odd Sensation of Inspiration

I am possibly a bit odd.

I have many sources of inspiration, each coming from different aspects of my life. My past, present, and speculation of my future are put into the words and lines that form a story on the computer screen that I see daily. The emotions, the experiences themselves, and the losses I have felt go towards my more emotional writing, but my dreams and hopes go into my cheerful or expectational writing.

But, what makes me odd is that I combine these different inspirations with random quotes that I spout out while doing daily activities. I remember once, when I was making myself some toast, I started reciting a quote for a story I was currently working on. I found myself pronouncing my words in an accent while buttering my toast and waving the knife around like a queen celebrating her people. See, I am odd.

Another time, which may I add happens often, I receive my inspiration in the shower while washing my hair. Sometimes I talk to myself, reciting the beginning sentences of my next creation or I will be singing and a story will be created in my head to go with the music that I am chanting.

Sometimes, I write poems that result in many insults about a certain person who has hurt me, or when I am feeling stressful.

Inspiration is funny and it doesn't spare me, it happens when I least expect it--but as long as I have a piece of paper, napkin, envelop, my cell phone, or whatever is around-- I welcome it with an open mind and an expectant hand.

The End

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