Protagonists.. What's your inspiration?

I enjoyed Tasha'a post of "Why do you do it" I started thinking to myself.. what is the inspiration?  What inspires you to write a story? I have a story written called {Zoe-Rose}.. A little 7 year old Dandelion.. lol, my dad.  I have also been inspired by Angels, my love for Chopper and the different stages we have gone through and it has helped me write a few things..

Here is something that has inspired me recently:

We took a trip down the interstate, I10 to be exact.  Our destination was Loma Linda Hospital.  It was a quiet ride, the freeway was not cluttered as it usually is.  When we exited there was a man standing on side the offramp.  His clothes were tattered, he was dressed in layers despite the heat of the day.  His knapsack lay on the ground next to him and he held a sign.. "Will work for food"  My son reached in his pocket and gave him a few dollars, I didn't have cash that day, only a check, when he leaned in the car, he smiled and said thanks.  I write this because, for the first time in my life I was able to see a lifetime in a pair of eyes.  I could see hurt, loss and just a multitude of emotions right there in those eyes.  The feelings that came over me made me so sad I almost cried.  We rode the rest of the way in silence, I try my best to give to those less fortunate than myself, though sometimes I find myself falling short.. Something about those eyes brought that feeling to me.. Earlier that day, I remember complaining about some little trivial thing, now I felt sorry for that, I took in my surroundings and said a silent prayer of thanks..  I realize, those eyes could be mine..

The End

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