Don't drink and drive!! This story is only one chapter, so there's no reason to make it collaborative!

     Kodi Perry helped herself to a beer, one she didn't need, and watched the steadily changing lights and tightly packed bodies on the dancefloor. Jessika Packwood squeezed out of the crowd and hop-stepped to the drinks table, eyeing up a couple of boys.

     "You gonna dance, Kodi?" She asked, sweat dripping down her face.

     "Umm, no thanks. I'm about ready to leave, though, so you should tell your 'friends' that you're leaving." Kodi nodded over to a couple of older men who were passing around a joint. "I'll go outside and call Micheal for a ride."

     Jessika grabbed Kodi's elbow and dragged her back to the table. "Don't call Mickey, just let me drive. I've had less to drink than you."

     Kodi groaned and rolled her eyes, but knowing Jessika, she'd either leave with Kodi, or without her, but if Kodi wasn't there, Jessika would probably hurt herself. She let Jessika lead her to the car.

     "I just hope you don't kill us."

     They got in the car and pulled onto the highway. They slowly reached 115mph.

     "Why did you bring me to this pary, anyway?" Kodi questioned, curious to Jessika's response.

     "I dunno." Jessika pondered. "I guess I just wanted company and thought you needed to loosen up a little."

     Jessika turned and gave Kodi an over-enthusiastic smile.

     "Watch the road." Kodi said dismissively, dialing her boyfriend's number on her cell.

     "Pizza Hut, how may I help you?" James answered professionally.

     Kodi giggled and rolled her eyes. "Yes you can. You can give me my boyfriend back!"

     James laughed. "So, where are you now?"

     "We're on the highway home right now. We'll be there soon. Just thought you might like to know." Kodi smiled.

     "Okay then. Just drive safe, okay? I have a surprise for you when you get home." James smiled dreamily and fiddled with a small black box.

     "Don't worry. Jessika's too scared of you to kill me! I'll talk to you later. Bye."

     "Love you, Kodi. Bye." Hanging up, James put the box on the coffee table and turned on the TV, lounging on the couch.

     Back outside, a steady drizzle had Kodi feeling drowzy. The rain also had the same effect on Jessika, however. Both had fallen asleep.

     A loud, blaring honk startled Kodi awake. Seeing headlights directly in front of the car, she reached over Jessika and reefed on the wheel. She screamed, as she was too late. She jerked away from the driver's side, crouching against the passenger side window. The bumper of a huge Mac semi collided with Jessika's side of the car, sending the vehicle rolling into the ditch, stopping belly-up.

     Kodi coughed, hanging upside down in the car. She quickly looked over her own body, and noticed a large piece of metal jutting out of her chest. She looked over to Jessika, trying to reassure herself that she was okay. The steering wheel had come off in the collision, and Kodi noticed this without surprise. Jessika's stomach had been impaled by the steering column. Kodi looked away, sick to her stomach.

     Looking up, she noticed her cellphone sitting in the dirt on the roof of the car. She reached down and took it. Dialing James' number, she prayed he would answer. She was fading, and fading fast. All she wanted was to hear his voice.

     James answered on the third ring, answering Kodi's prayers. "Hey, what's up?"

     Sighing, her last wish fulfilled, Kodi started crying. "I love you, James. I always have and I always will." She pressed END without waiting for an answer, knowing it would be too much for her to handle. Feeling weaker and weaker, her phone fell to the ground and Kodi died weeping.

     At home, James sat on the couch, phone still at his ear, shocked.

     He slowly pulled the phone away, as if in a dream, and pushed END. Beginning to cry, James dropped the box, putting his head in his hands. With James sobbing uncontrollably, the box fell to the floor. It slid across the hardwood, tumbling open in front of the front door. Inside the newly opened little black velvet box was a small, perfect, white diamond ring.

The End

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