He smiled, and walked towards me, deliberately moving slowly. I frowned, scared. For once, a rational reaction...Kind of. He smiled an angel's smile,

 "I'm not like all people. You probably wont believe me, but I have to get it out anyway." he stated as he turned around to face the wall, leaving his back facing me. And then he was gone. Within the blink of an eye, he'd dissappeared. I frowned in horror.

 "Bl-Blake?!" I shouted, twisting around mindlessly looking for him. But he was nowhere to be found. Something tapped on my shoulder, and, naturally, I gasped, but didn't make a sound before sweet-smelling, pale, cold, hard, beautiful hands clamped over my lips. Blake's hands. They dissappeared, but his index finger lingered on my partially opened lips. His eyes were wary.

 "Whu-what are you? How did you do that?" I stuttered, eyes wide. He grinned,

 "I'm a...A...Vampire." He said it like he was confessing to a murder.

 I was silent for a few minutes, trying to re-arrange my scrambled thoughts to remember the meaning of the word. I couldn't.

The End

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