He took me to a dark room. I couldn't see anything, but I trusted him. Maybe foolishly. I frowned,

 "Maybe some light?" I said quietly. He chuckled, and light instantly filled the room. It was luxurious. Everything were deep purples and reds. There were leather couches scattered around the place neatly, the carpet was purple and soft.

 I looked up, and saw a glorious chandelier, with small diamonds hanging from everywhere that diamonds could hang.

 There were paintings on the walls all over the place, mostly portraits of women. They were all beautiful, but Blake could always beat them.

 The room was beautiful, and I didn't know how it could be in the school...It looked too beautiful to be anywhere in the world. Earth couldn't hold anything to do with Blake. I frowned,

 "Uh, where are we?" I asked, still frowning. Blake smiled,

 "We're at my house." He said.

 "You live in the school?" I asked, surprised,

 "No..." He replied, hiding something. "I have to show you something." He muttered...

The End

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