I woke up with a gaps, a layer of sweat across my pale forehead. I was hyper ventilating as I slowly rose from my bed.

 The sun beamed in through my window, heating my skin. I frowned and walked to my cupboard, taking out a Purple sleeveless top, a leather miniskirt and a black leather jacket. I put them on quickly then ran downstairs to quickly make myself some toast.

 I ate fast, and put the plate in the dishwasher and walked out into my front garden to walk to school.

 I trudged gloomily into the large building, a miserable look on my face. And then I saw him, leaning on a row of lockers. I pouted as I walked over to him. He smiled, but had a wary look on his perfect face.

 "Hi," he said. I smiled half-heartedly, "sorry about before" He said. I smiled for real this time,

 "It's fine. I was just caught a lil' off guard." I muttered. He smiled, and walked with me to my next class. English. I used to hate this class. Not now though. I got to sit next to Blake.

The End

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