He walked through the doors with such a grace, it blew my heart away. His angelic face was beautiful and pale. He had mesmerizing blue eyes, long lashes, and a smile that broke my heart just to look at it.

  His body was a boxers dream. It wasn't overly muscular, but incredibly brilliant and perfect, like it was carved from stone in the heavens.

  His black hair was tousled and brilliant. Everything about him was beautiful, angelic and hot all in one. He was definitely the best looking man I'd ever seen.

  He wore a plain white tank top with an unbuttoned shirt over it, rolled up to the crease in his beautiful, pale elbow.

  He looked at me, curious. I smiled and looked down in embarrassment. He rolled his eyes, and moved over to me.

  "Hey," he said. His voice a perfect, deep voice like velvet. It warmed my heart.

  I smiled timidly,

  "Um, hi" I said. He laughed quietly to himself, and then held out his hand.

  "My name's Blake, Blake Johnson." I took his strong hand and shook it. His skin was smooth and soft. I wanted to stay there and feel it all day. But I couldn't,

  "Faith Hope" I introduced myself absently. Most of my mind was on his face.

   He cracked a smile, and I nearly cried with joy,

  "That's a nice name. Unusual." He said conversationally. I smiled, more confident now.

  "I never really liked it." I admitted,

  "No, it's beautiful. You're beautiful." I frowned. Did he just call me beautiful? We'd just met! But I couldn't care less.

  "Me? I am beautiful? Do you have a mirror at home?" I blurted out without thinking. He chuckled,

  "This," he waved his hand over his beautiful face, "is a curse to me." He exclaimed.

  I was getting uncomfortable. This was moving way too fast. Even I knew that, and I'd never had a boyfriend.

  "I, um, I have to go." I said. His face turned apologetic,

  "Oh, sorry! Don't go!" He pleaded.

  "N-no, sorry, I have to." I said. I looked around the room. It was full to the brim with people, but no-one seemed to notice us. I walked out, leaving Blake's surprised sad face behind me.

The End

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