I stared at the pale blue wall, letting my imagination take control of my mind whilst Maths was being drilled into everyone else's brains. I didn't care about Maths. I knew it all already! I rolled my eyes when even my imagination ran out of things to keep me occupied.

  "Faith Hope, are you listening?" Ms Dull shouted at me. Panic filled my body.

  "Uh, um, yes?" I stuttered. Ms Dull scowled,

  "Well then, if you have been listening, then what's the Interquartile Range?" Ms asked, thinking I wouldn't get it. Thank God I'm smart. I breathed a sigh of relief,

  "Thirty-six" I said confidently. Ms Dull backtracked a little.

  "Oh, well, eyes on the board, Hope." She demanded. I decided to make a story in my mind about a super heroine who saves the world from aliens. If I'd thought about it any longer, I would've gone crazy, but I was saved by the bell. The school bell.


  I got to lunch early, skipping the queue. I grabbed an apple, a sandwich and a soda. I placed them neatly on a tray, and walked to a table, and started to pick at my sandwich. And then I saw him.

The End

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