Propheric Girl

Faith Hope. The name sends chills down the cold spines of all vampires. But what's the original story behind her? How did she become the most feared; the most respected vampire in history?


  I watched him ghost his way through the long, dark, boring halls of Spicer High. His beautiful cropped black hair shined in the fluorescents. His beautiful pale face broke the hearts of every girl that laid eyes on him. His broad, muscled shoulders filled out his short-sleeved top perfectly.

  He walked towards me, smiling an angel's smile. And that was the first time I'd ever noticed his sharp, pointy canine teeth. I gulped, nervous. No-one was around to help if he did anything. It was night, and no-one was there. The perfect place to kill me.

  "I hope you're not scared." He said in his deep, perfect hypnotizing voice. I lost my train of thought.

  "Uh, yeah?" I murmured. He chuckled. He looked me full on, his beautiful vibrant blue eyes locked onto mine. I couldn't move. Excitement brightened their colour. He snarled playfully, then pounced.


The End

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