Chapter 11

About an hour had passed and there was still no movement from Rafe, frozen, his eyes so cold matching his pale pallor. Eventually Grams had to round up some of the rare male Arcana relatives that were staying in the crooked house in order to move him. Placing him the only spare bedroom, mine.

When they placed him down his body still rigid Grams called for cousins and aunts to work their psychic ‘magic’ on him. This resulted in numerous experiments one of which involved burning a profuse amount of sage which consumed the whole of the house in a cloud of smoke. After choking on that, some of the more chanting specificrelatives stood around him holding hands mumbling in some unknown tongue.

If I counted correctly they had used just about every trick in the metaphorical book of ‘how to be a descendant of the oracle’. At one point they did manage to undo his iron grip on the tourmaline and even forced him to lie down but those eerie eyes never rested. They all looked at me as if I had the answer and just left me alone with him. Over the past hours Rao had come and gone but now was having a “Long awaited snooze.” As he had put it because “There’s no need to worry.” At which point i snorted and told him to go chew a bone... I don’t quite think we’re the best of friends at the moment.

With a sigh echoing around the now empty room, I sat next to Rafe on my favourite mahogany rocking chair laced with blue and green ribbons to match my favourite colour. My room was centred on these colours mainly emerald greens and the occasional flask of silver’s and gold’s. My bed was a patchwork of these colours and when I looked at Rafe they seemed to drown him into their centre.

Closing my eyes I pictured the rare moment where his golden eye’s melted mine and I whispered to myself, a tiny hope reaching out to him “What is your story?” thinking of the wave of random flashes I received while talking to Cherry, that’s how I knew his name was Raphael but how?

I concentrated resting my elbows on my knees, then my chin on my fisted hands I scrunched my eyes to try to remember... a hall filled with voices, whisper... a mirror but not my reflection... crown of thorns... shadows moving, shouting... that voice, that woman’s voice that had possessed my Grams. I was her. But why? 

I sigh frustrated and look over Rafe, admiring his muscular physique, strong jaw bones and gorgeous dark hair. Looking closely at his face just below his hairline I notice scars, mini pinpricks and I gasp as the quick successions of images appear in my head. Blood running down his sorrowful face... Tears I didn’t know existed until they dripped to my hands began silently falling and i brought his hand to mine unsure of why I was even crying, why I was even so moved by him.

On the contact of our skin electric shot up my arm making me jump stupidly hard and I couldn’t help but laugh at myself before regaining control and noticing a tiny smile on his lips as his eyes finally closed. A peaceful and young look settled over him, I relaxed as he relaxed. Matching my breathing to his, the warmth of the room made my eyes heavier and I drifted to sleep with my hand in his.

Surrounded by fog, stumbling, falling I feel blind. I call out but my voice echoes around in the fog filled land. Spinning in circles a small light fills the greyness and hope surges through me. I run hard and fast, flat footed straight towards it but with every distance I cover it seems to get further and further away.

I fall, my legs so tired from running. This time I call out “Help!” trying to return my breaths to normal speed. “Please, is anyone there?” unable to calm my heart-rate, gut wrenching sobs wrack my body and I feel so alone and lost like a five year old that has wandered too far ahead and looks back losing sight of its parent, its sense of security gone.

For what seems like forever I am alone and sobbing until eventually I am crying dry tears. A voice deep and at first raspy travels through the dense fog to me “Hello?” a resurgence of hope lifts me to my feet, the light mocking me in the distance seems to be getting closer. I shout back my ears ringing in the awaiting silence.

“Dahlia!” the voice mere meters away I run forward hoping that the light is him.

“Rafe!” I cry out as I run into him sobbing, again, tears of relief this time.

“I thought you were gone.” He pulls me to him as I say it and though the fog was clear around us it seemed to be pressing closer. “I’m here, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to go away.” His hands stroked my hair as I pulled my arms around him squeezing tightly not letting him go. He chuckles and I peer up at him confused slightly, “It’s only a dream Crazy Dee.” He rests his head on mine and still confused I press my face into his chest. “I don’t understand.” I mumble and he holds me at arm’s length a smile stretching but just missing his eyes.

“A dream, you’ll wake up and not even remember this.” He sighs and as pathetic as I am tears brim in my eyes. I go up on my tiptoes so that we are eye level and a small animal sound escapes his lips, his arms snaking around my waist pulling me closer.

He whispers in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. “Hell with it, you won’t remember anyway.” Pulling me closer, thoughts whirring round my head, tilting my chin up towards his. I close my eyes and he closes his as our lips softly touch...

I wake with a jolt, my head lolling to the side and falling, snapping my neck to the side with a painful twinge, “Ow!” I exclaim forgetting where I was. I rub my neck realising where I am, I notice his hand still clasped in mine. A tingling still there and I can’t help but feel my lips tingle to, but we were asleep as much as I want that kiss to happen, it won’t. I tell myself off angrily.

Sitting up in the rocking chair and slowly removing my now numb hand from his, I stretch and concentrate on an escaping dream. All I remember is fog and a light. Creasing my forehead as I try and try to recall but nothing happens except a small throbbing of a building headache starting to make itself known.

“Great.” I cringe, saying it louder than I first thought and Rafe mumbles in his sleep rolling over onto his side. His top rides up slightly revealing partial sight of perfectly shaped abs and a scar that seemed to stretch round from his hip and up his back. Temptation gets the better of me and my fingers begin to lightly trace the scar.

I blush as I realise I’m actually touching his waist and continue tracing very lightly, barely touching the puckered neat scar round up his back to where the shirt cuts it off. I notice his breathing has changed though his eyes are closed, my senses tell me he’s not asleep anymore and I scramble away from him blushing a deep red, my cheeks burning. A breathy laugh escapes his lips as I throw myself into the rocking chair. He sits up with a small smirk on his face and ruffles his hair, his top falling down and I frown slightly in disappointment.

“Enjoying the show?” his voice deep, making my heart melt and all I can do is look away as he caught me looking at his gorgeous abs. All I can do is chastise myself and he seems to notice as he tucks me under my chin “Cheer up Dee, I’m here.” The comment makes me snap my head in his direction, the phrase so familiar. He pretends to not notice by stretching and this time I avert my eyes, avoiding the temptation as much as I could. It felt as if it were a Pandora’s Box wanting to be opened, his body wanting to be looked at.

I brush the comment away; maybe it was just me being silly. “You were... gone for awhile.” I choose my words carefully; cautious of his reaction I keep my head looking down fiddling with my jean pocket. I really need to change. Feeling grubby all of a sudden I stand up and bump into him “You know we should really stop getting into these situations,” he jokes “Your breaking my heart.” I fumble with the edge of my t-shirt and look up at him through my brightly coloured fringe “Erm, Okay?” he just laughs at me and pecks my forehead. Walking out of the room as if yesterday hadn’t even happened.

 “Cheers Dee, I loved staying in your bed last night.” I feel my cheeks begin to burn and throw a cushion at him as he closes the door a small snarl radiating from the back of my throat. “Jerk.” I shout and hear him laugh down the hallway. Gathering my thoughts I decide to shower. Showers are the best time for thinking, with a sigh I let the hot steamy water roll over my body and escape to a world where things are simple and so much easier. 

The End

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