Chapter 2

I stared at him unsure of how to react, a rule of dealing with Otherkin is not to give away your full name, he might not know my full true name but damn he could still have some form of control over me. "Yes I'm Dahlia, now what do you want and how do you know my name?"

"No need to sound so touchy girl, I have been ordered to look after you throughout your journey." he finished with another snarl. His gruff voice and pale eyes showed that he had authority and the feeling in my gut told me to believe him even trust him, well maybe, you can never trust easily with Otherkin. "Why? Isn't this supposed to be just my journey? Did my Grams send you? I wouldn't expect her to check up on me after she threw me out." the questions kept pouring out of my mouth, in a way I respected the wolf in front of me but I didn't need to be babysat for this. I was 17 and she had made me leave.

"Child you are making me impatient, I don't need to answer your questions. I ran with wolves before you two legged kind were around. Now where do you propose to stay the night, the dark is almost upon us and I can't stand to talk for much longer"

I stared gormless, well that put me in my place and man was this wolf old... "Erm here then? I can get a fire started and clear the floor?" he looked at me with his deep set eyes, sniffed and got up to walk away. Great. Apparently I have a tag along and it’s a wolf that has anger issues.

I began to clear the flooring of pine needles and dead leaves, picking up old and dried out branches, thanking the trees for their generous sacrifice. Within the hour I had built a fire and the wolf had returned dragging a small rabbit along in his mouth, oh I hope I didn't have to eat that. I sat on a log I'd managed to roll into the tiny clearing and opened my bag for some pre-made sandwiches.

We ate in silence, time pressing on, night drawing in and the stars coming out along with the nightlife of the forest. The fire protected us from most nightmare ridden creatures and I fell into a lull of drowsiness thinking about days gone by and what would happen when I turn 18. Would I become the next Oracle? Or like many, many other generations just be turned away by the 'Gods' gift of sight and become a sanctuary maiden confined for years with no allowance to speak or do anything of my own free will. Either way I'm not going to conform to that way of living I'm going to make my own way and maybe that's the real reason why Grams sent me away to discover my own path, my own line of powers to master.

A branch snapped in the distance pulling me out of my reverie, I looked over to Raoul sleeping and casually barking in his sleep. He looked so peaceful I couldn't disturb him and I didn't want to turn it into a horror movie scenario where I wonder off alone and then get murdered... I decided to ignore the noise and the occasional rustle of leaves; it was probably just a wood nymph. Getting closer to the fire, I curled up and fell into a dreamless sleep.

A grey and white wolf was stood in the distance, blood dripping from its muzzle, pale eyes glinting in the cold winter sun. My heart was pounding; adrenaline flooded my body I started to slowly approach noticing a bundle at its huge feet. More blood christened the snow covered floor a stark contrast that hurt my eyes. I ran forward trying to see whose body it was, the wolf howled a sorrowful song, I turned the body over. Hair curled in wisps around the frozen face the colour blonde, as pale as its surroundings yet standing out like ivory touching on the verge of honey sweet nectar, with one rebellious streak of the brightest pink now clashing with the blood but once compared to the sweetness of a roses blush. The girl had full lips and a straight nose with long eye lashes that brushed her pale cheeks. I knew then that her eyes would be the green, the green of a summer leaf with flecks of gold and silver that were only made present when  emotion over came the girl. It was me. I was past being shocked and accepted the image before me, turning to the wolf who I knew was Raoul I spotted an arrow held within his jaws. "Girl, you must wake up now," the voice echoed in my head as dream Raoul whimpered and let out another gut wrenching howl. "Girl waken yourself, morning is soon here and we must go."

I stirred awake, reaching towards my chest feeling for a wound that I knew was only a dream, possibly. My breathing shallow and fast, I looked over to Raoul noticed his arrogant and impatient air that I had been met with yesterday and let out a calmer breath. He hadn't noticed and it looked as if he didn't want to know too. Stretching I stood up to feel the warm and stuffy air hinting at signs of a humid day.

I began putting out the camp fire and gathering up all the supplies, while Raoul sat and casually chewed on the leftovers of his dinner. "Can't you go fetch this all together and help Rao?" I teased with heavy sarcasm as I tried to vanquish the flames of last night before the morning sun broke through the trees. "I despise your words girl, and it would do you well to stay on my good side. I am in this contract till the end, it might not matter if I accidentally leave you behind every now and again." He stood stretching out, his huge paws leaving dents in the dew drenched floor, bigger than hands, his tail wagging high in the air.

I glared back at him, I still didn't understand why he was here, who would make a contract with a wolf. They had powerful rights and held grudges for centuries. Plus why did he keep calling me girl!

With a tingling of déjà vu we set off walking back to the path that I was on alone only yesterday and now I'm on it again with a wolf, what a bizarre sight, with the new dawn rising behind us.

The End

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