Chapter 1

Being a descendant of the Oracle isn't easy, especially when you have a rebellious side. Dahlia has been sent away from home to fulfil the prophecy her Grams has told her, left on the edge of the great Wintrem forest and to face the more wild Otherkin that haven't got over the Olde war she must find herself and her true destiny. Meeting both friend and foe along the way just how far will she get?

The  long and winding path lay ahead extending deep into the dark forests territory, I stood there staring into the opening expanse that would be the start of the journey. She said this was the place but since when should I trust the Oracle, the old withered, practically dead Oracle? Who can barely see through her clouded-over, dusty and filmy eyes!

But of course everybody trusts her, her and her wisdom. Nobody would believe that she's my great, great, great times 10 grandmother (I call her Grams for short) who thinks she can control me... not that it’s a touchy subject or anything.

I mean I do love her and everything she did bring me up but then, what child doesn't rebel in some way against their authority figure?

I'll admit I may have took it a little bit too far this time, a minor prank including some pixies, a troll and one or two bogeys interrupting one of her premonitions for a royal guest that apparently wasn't amused by being covered in werewolf drool, garlic and iodine. Which according to my Grams is 3 of the worst things I could possibly pour on a vampire and she was surprised I didn't just go all the way and stake her too... It was so funny seeing the elegant and high all mighty, stuck up queen Cassandra of the southern claves, leave my Grams' house bright orange, wreaking of wet dog and garlic.

Oh, how I laughed. But then she got mad. So mad that, well now I'm here stuck on a trail which means no turning back. After being given a cryptic message from my Grams I was told to leave the house and not to come back until 'You have achieved your full potential and met the one which will make you question the road to take...' blah blah blah. I'm far from being sceptical but there are so many ways to interpret the Oracle's prophecy that it could happen without me even knowing it. Now I'm a lone ranger, an outcast of the old Arcana family tree.

I set off down the dirt path, long hair billowing behind me in the strong growing breeze. It tangled with the reaching branches that bent towards me as I walked by, the odd sneaky pixie grabbing and tugging, knotting it even more. How different it is not being somewhere so familiar that you feel safe whereas now I'm in the middle of nowhere in near enough the most dangerous part of the Wintrem woods.

Wintrem has many different sectors that lead to every part of the world. Most of the sectors are friendly and have many treaties and truces between races and fae and the Olde war is put out of every bodies mind, forgotten about. But then there's always the dark and uninhabited side of Wintrem, the side that has the darkest and most twisted of creatures. The exiles of the Otherkin races.

I faltered as I was pulled back off the path. It's probably just another pixie I told myself, turning round expecting to see a tiny colourfully skinned person with delicate, complex wings and pointy ears. But instead I was met with a beast, looking me up and down, shaggy fur all over its muscular body, if it had stood on its hind legs it would be taller than me but on four legs it came up to my waist.

I tried to turn and run but the thing had hold of my backpack. "Sit down girl!" the voice echoed in my head a snarl escaping its lips. It pulled me back making me fall to the pine needle covered floor, "Oomph" my breath rushed out of me as I involuntarily gasped. The thing about Wintrem is that you should never show fear, I stared down the beast’s long muzzle spotting the glint of its sharp teeth the silver flecks of fur coming through its white and grey coat. I looked into its eyes, crisp and clear a very pale and yet sharp grey glared back at me, it narrowed its eyes and they appeared to turn a darker stormier grey. I wouldn't want to mess with this guy.

"What do you want?" I asked cautious of his teeth.

"You girl! You are a daughter of Arcana are you not?" again it snarled and the voice echoed through my thoughts.

"Would you please stop that! I know you can speak mongrel, does nobody have manners around here?"

"Me! A mongrel?" he appeared to shudder as he spoke the word, "I am a child of the moon but not a half breed werewolf! My name is Raoul of the Great Lupus Lunae and you are Dahlia Arcana descendant of the Oracle."

The End

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