Her thoughts of clouds...

Sitting on the couch, listening to her favorite music, watching others lives through the window she thinks how decadent to live life with complete abandon, passion and faith. How to be completely alive, completely sensuous with complete abandon. To be blissful and alive at 3 in the afternoon. To be free enough with yourself to feel pleasure in everything. Open the windows and let in the light.The light of the pure, rich, esoteric white clouds

Feel the passion of the flowing clouds deep into the core of your being, feel the warmth and the tingle burning sensations alive inside you.

Dance by moving each part of your body slowly with the purpose of grace. There isn’t a thing you need to think of, let it go – let go.

Roll your head slowly back and around in a slow sensuous circle, feel your body slowly moving in the same wavelike motion allow yourself to feel the passion building.

Allow yourself to feel it. No judgment, just feel it. Feel the pleasure – slow warm rolling through your entire body and mind. Enjoy the pureness of the passion.

Trust that pleasure was made for us to feel and enjoy.Trust there would be no truth, no pleasure in it, if it wasn’t meant to be. If it happens, it is because it should.

There is nothing you can do wrong. If the thought is pure in intention, nothing can be wrong. The intention is to be and do your best each and every day. Live that way and the drama is gone. Nothing anybody else can say or do can ever hurt you, anger you as they are on their own journey and you are on yours.

Nothing either of you do to each other will affect or change your journey. It cannot unless you let it.  You have the choice.

In her mind she hears it is in me to teach what I know, what I learn and what I feel. To show them the way. I am not afraid. Use me to do your will. If you will me to each and every day, love you – I will. I will live by example. The power of my love and conviction cannot be shaken even by the greatest thunder.

The power, the strength, the glory in the passion of life, of love – is in me. It is who I am.

If you weren’t there for me to find, you wouldn’t have been made. Every action, everything we do has a purpose for someone or something else and only they will find it. Everything you do is a gift from you to yourself and to others, and theirs to you. There is no loss, no competition only the truth and glory of the journey.


If I wasn’t meant to do it, there wouldn’t have been the opportunity. If I wasn’t mean to feel it, the emotion wouldn’t have been created. That is the gift of life in itself.


To live it. To embrace it. To feel it. To rejoice in its grace. To live the grace from the inside – the depth of your soul. You know it when you find it. Only then you can know it. Only then can you give it.

To give that which you find, an exquisite agony of heat, of vibrancy, of passion for life. When you live your life the best you can each and every day  there is no fear of what comes next. It will happen as it should. Nothing you can do can change it for the wrong. You can only improve the journey with your actions.

When you remove that doubt that fear – you are free to grown and learn in equal amounts as you previously felt the other emotions. You expand your growth and knowledge of yourself, your world and your place in it. You are free, free enough to continue that journey.

For whatever comes next, this life or the next, there is no fear. There is no fear of forgetting your truths as they are inside of you. They are who you are. They are who you have been and they are who you will be. Let the worrying go – as everything you will ever need is in there. Available to you at the exact moment of truth, love and awareness. Once you have it, it becomes you on the outside. It adds to the many layers of you that are the splendor of you.

Do not be afraid of forgetting, it is who you are and cannot be lost. Every thought, image, sound, feeling or idea that you create from intention, passion and integrity – is part of you and can never be lost.


Get lost in the white light of life, of truth, of love, of discovery. Enjoy and embrace. Let go of the fear, the judgment of yourself.People follow you, they are drawn to you, unless they are trying to drag you backwards. Part of your journey is to experience this. If not, how would you recognize your progress? Your power? Your passion? Your growth?You need to know where you’ve been to see where you’re going. If for no other reason that to see that there has been change. Without change and growth – we are stagnant and die. Yet some fear the life they have been given – so they live until they die.


They live until the die without knowing their purpose. They never know their own purpose for themselves, or their purpose in the universe. Mediocre in their death, only to the extent they lacked a gust for life.

 They walk aimlessly through each day not truly knowing or feeling the warmth of the rain gently landing on their skin. How sad to be lost in the annoyance of the wet or coldness of the wetness on their skin. How cold for them. How sad for them not to recognize and enjoy this simple moment of pure passion and life at its sweetest. How sad they only wait for their “signs” when everything in front of them is a diamond in the rough – if only they could take their blinders of fear off to truly live and feel a single moment.

To not mask their lives in a heavy white cloak of fear. The caves we build for ourselves and only realize when it is too late. Is there hope in the sounds of their knowledge? They’ll never know it for they have already given up. That is what we must learn from, the mistake and take a step forward in our eternal journey, while sometimes seeing the many bodies along the roadways behind us, for those that choose to stay. Almost like losing a skin, a layer of yourself. A layer of yourself that you thought was you – only to now see for the first time, as a butterfly emerges from its caccoon – that you truly are love in itself. You are perfect in who you are. You are as you would be. Live in the true joy of knowing you are perfect for where you are, as you should be. It wouldn’t have happened if it shouldn’t have. Even things that cause us pain, were meant to teach us how to move onwards in your journey. That is your growth. That is the gift you take from the hurt. Not the humiliation, the anger, the personal hatred – for that is their burden. Instead you see and take the pure white light of opportunity and growth that will continue your journey forwards and onwards to its very best. Let pain be their burden. Enjoy the freedom of this gift as it moves you further and higher that you could have seen. It is then you believe life is as it should be. In that moment of grace. That grace that I hold within me.


She knows that she wants to make the best of every breath of this life and says out loud "if you’re not headed in the same direction, I’m keeping going".

She closes her eyes and pictures the lovely wetness of running through the blackness of the rain, only looking back can she see for the first time, the city of lights held by the warmth of love that lit the candles that had guided her life and journey, with love and acceptance for her growth. Knowing that eventually it would lead you to them going truly away from you forever. That is the truth of love and choice.


Live your life with the complete blanket of warmth and trust that all is perfect as it is. Live with that calmness and peace and others will learn and grow. That is your journey, your destiny. They will follow you there and you will all journey together enjoying as you move forward in lives.

 If you believe it ends, it ends.If you believe it continues as it changes, it does. That is your choice – to live in the peace of knowing it never ends.

Or live the race of fear forever with the feeling you are running out of time? Running so fast you miss it all. Miss the richness of life and all it entails. As you run yourself into oblivion. The purest way into your journey is to live, to feel. Either that or implode upon yourself in your self imposed walled hell of hate. Do not fear, you’ll always have the ability to change if you truly will seek it. Just as it has always  been – you can only now see it.

See the white gray clouds floating into darkness and hear them roar as their color fades. Until it fades into the blinding flash of light and we feel in thunder with the flash of fury in its rod of lightening.

Every strike is to open up our eyes to see that we’re missing in life. The anger shows us that we have stopped and are stagnamt. This power is the earth showing you its time to move forward.

She gets up off of the couch and begins to finally live her life.

The End

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