Proof of Grace

Like a prayer from a person dying to be shown a reason for faith. The dream of a desperate person wanting to believe that their existence isn’t futile

We know that you hide behind the drama you so willingly create out of a desperate need to avoid who you are. A mystery to only yourself. The rest of us see you clearly for what and who you are.

The fascinating surprise is how what we see is good. Truly good. We want to hate you for being yourself in the face of all that could hurt you. We want to hate you because you obliviously show us our own faults and weaknesses.  We want to hate you for being that face of grace in this world that will encapsulate us in ignorance if we need it.

Yet we cannot. You are a captivating mystery that is the air we need to breathe. What you have inside threatens everyone who is aware enough to see that it exists. What you have on the outside makes others gravitate towards what you represent, because they never knew to want such beauty, honesty and truth before now.

Only now can she say that her avoidance of herself was due to her fear of being defective and rejected. Only now that she has faced her fear of being told she wasn’t good enough and has truly realized that not only does she measure up, can she see that she has surpassed all levels of maximum greatness she was to have achieved in her entire life. She is released from her own fears and free to move on to live in the passion of greatness of spirit that she knows truly is her and is no longer afraid to explore. 

Only now can she look at herself with something other than revulsion. She can feel for the first time the dawning or growth of a sprout from seed into its first bloom.

Her path is that of flight – she is on a different plain of existence that shows us there is more than our limited view of the world and our own place in it. It is she that shows you there is reason for hope, she is living proof there is more…

She has faced for the first time her belief in true love and giving herself over to it in its entirety. She has removed all of the safety features and for the first time, she is completely helpless in her desire to be loved and to truly love in return.

Love of self offers protection from the inhumanity of humanity. She knows now that Faith isn’t blind, it has its eyes wide open filled with curiousity, humor, trust and excitement. 

She knows that history and the generations to come will look back at us, at her and see what we are worth. What we stood for and what we did to give back and generate greatness in ourselves to share with the world.

She no longer fights the grace that is who she is, she embraces it and begins her journey.

The End

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