Let's sneak out - responseMature

'Thanks for coming Amy!' Tara leaned forward to hug me.

'Well what are friends for?' I hugged her back half heartedly. I so did not want to be here but I really had no choice. Tara was my best friend. 

'Oh, you've brought a guest?' Tara's gaze shifted to the person at my side.

'Yeah, this is Damien. He's new here.' 

Watching Tara's response was slightly comical. I can only imagine it's what I looked like the first time I laid eyes on him. He was a lot to take in for the first viewing. Not in a negative way at all, in fact it was the complete opposite. Damien was...ethereally beautiful. Unnaturally. No human could be that good looking.

I knew what she was seeing. A tall dark haired stranger looking devastatingly handsome. His eyes, so dark they almost appeared black, contrasted sharply with his pale complexion and were now staring at Tara with a sort of patient expectancy. He was waiting for her to invite him in, I knew it.

'I-I'm sorry,' she stuttered, blinking. 'How rude of me. Come in, both of you.'

'Thank you,' he replied in that mesmerizing voice of his. 'What a beautiful home you have.'

He stepped over the threshold, taking in his surroundings. The hallway had been decorated with some 'Happy Birthday' banners but it had been done carelessly, they just looked uneven. A few balloons scattered the flooring and I could hear the distant sound of chatter, presumably coming from the garden.

'You look beautiful Amy I love that dress.'

'Thanks Tara,' I grinned, following them into the house.

'Right well um, the main party is in the garden but you don't have to stay out there. There's food and drink in the kitchen and just...make yourselves feel at home!' Tara wandered off to entertain other guests and Damien slipped his hand into mine. 

'Come on.'

He led me through the hallway, his feet seeming to know the way. As we entered the kitchen, about five or six little kids ran straight into our path. I recognized Tara's younger sister amongst them.

'Sorry!' they chirped simultaneously, swerving out of the way and heading for the main living room.

We stepped into the garden, instantly being greeted by a warm evening breeze. I let it run through my loose hair, gently ruffling it. 

'Amy!' someone shouted my name. I turned round to find by other best friend Livvi in the arms of Zach, another newbie in town and coincidentally Damien's older brother. 'I see you brought Damien! This is so like a double date.'

I laughed lightly. I could practically feel Damien rolling his eyes next to me. 

'This is the most boring party I've ever been to,' Livvi continued, making sure Tara was out of earshot. 'Let's sneak out.'

'I'm not sure we should,' I hesitated. 'We've literally only just arrived.'

'So? She's not gonna notice! She's too preoccupied with the other guests. Come on Amy, be rebellious for once in your life!'

'I think the fact that she brought me along is rebellious in it's own way,' Damien chuckled. I felt a chill run down my spine at his words and yet I didn't quite know why at the time. I still found myself incredibly drawn to him.

It didn't occur to me at that point that it was against my own will, that Damien was forcing me to be drawn to him. How could it? I didn't know such things were possible. Looking back though, I could see how plainly obvious it was from an outsider's perspective. The way Damien never let me out of his sight, the way he stared at me sometimes with such intensity, such vigor. How I would then do anything he suggested without questioning it.

'Still, maybe we should stay.'

Zach switched his gaze to me and held eye contact. 

'You know what?' I chirped. 'I think it's a good idea. Let's get outta here!'

Those last few words that I ever spoke were the worst. They defined what I was set to become, they created the path I would follow for the rest of my life. If I hadn't said them, if I had somehow resisted Zach's power I wouldn't be what I am today.

But how was I to know? How was I to know what Zach and Damien were? What I would soon become? I didn't know, there was no way for me to! Another thing I regret is dragging Livvi into it. Poor Livvi. It was my fault she was involved with Zach, it's my fault she wound up dead.

But like I said, how was I to know? I mean, I never believed in any of that stuff, any of the supernatural crap. I never believed that Zach and Damien could be vampires, it was downright absurd!

The End

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