her laughter broke the silence, responseMature

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Her laughter broke the silence.

Every single pair of eyes in the room simultaneously turned towards her. She couldn't help it though, now she'd broken the seal the laughter just kept on coming. She threw her head back, clutched her stomach, laughed until tears streamed down her cheeks. She was vaguely aware of the looks of shock and disapproval etched onto the face of her classmates but she did not care.

Just when she thought she was fit to burst, her friend nudged her in the ribs.

'Quit it!' she hissed. 

'Alexa Marigold!' A deep, booming voice rang out through the room, thundering and furious. It made everyone in the room flinch. Everyone except for Alexa. She merely glanced at the figure who had shouted and scrunched her nose up in distaste. 

 The lady was old, probably mid-fifties early sixties with wispy gray hair that she kept tied back into a bun, a few loose tendrils dangling around her aging face. Steely pale eyes bore into Alexa, she could practically feel the anger rolling off her in waves.

'My office. NOW.'

Alexa sighed and picked her bag up off the floor. She caught sight of her best friends face and burst into another set of hysterical laughter. Gasps and murmurs spread throughout the hall as Alexa made her way through the wooden doors, into the foyer. She was closely followed by the teacher.

'What on earth do you think you're playing at?!'

'I'm sorry miss, I just...can't help it,' Alexa sniggered.

Her teacher's face was a picture; round eyes stared at her in absolute shock, her mouth hung open.

'How can you be so disrespectful?' she whispered, all tough-teacher mannerisms dropped. She was really trying to figure Alexa out; how she could behave in such a way. 'A girl died, and this is how you're responding?'

'If you knew what I knew, you'd laugh too,' Alexa promised her.

'Oh!' the teacher scoffed. 'And what is this?'

'Well,' Alexa bit her lip. 'You're all banging on about how the murderer is still out there right? You're all 'Oh no, no one's safe until this person is caught! Poor Rachel!' when the murderer isn't hiding at all.'

'What?' she gasped.

'Sure you want to know? You're gonna laugh. Well, alright then,' Alexa let out another small giggle. 'The killer isn't hiding, they've been in public view ever since the murder. You're all running around like headless chickens trying to 'put this bastard behind bars' as you so crudely put it when...'

She paused, fighting another round of the giggles.

'When it was me! I'm the one who killed Rachel! Hilarious, right?'

The End

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