The Grin and the Smile.

Promises are they pitiful thing?
Or is the pitiful one the person who believes that they will be kept?
Or the person that breaks them?
(Not sure if it's even in the right category)

Promises are they pitiful things?
Or is the pitiful one the person who believes that they will kept?
Or the person that breaks them?

"Yeah, I won't I promise" said the deceitful grin.
"Okay, I believe you" replied the hopeful smile.

The smile, content with what it heard continued to beam.
It left the grin with a joyous stride, nothing could take away its' smile.
Walking past others its' smile grew. It knew the grin would never lie to it. Why would it?

The grin watched as the smile left. Its' grin quickly turned into a malicious smirk.
"What a fool," it thought, "As if I'm going to stop".
Its' eyes sharpened as it began to think of all things it could do, all the things it could get away with. It would never get caught, how could it - it would never break a promise.

The smile remained unaware of what was happening. It remained in sheer bliss, ignoring stories it heard about the grin as they were surely rumours. The grin would never break a promise and lie about it. The smile knew it was right and all the others were wrong because the grin would never lie to it

The grin had broken the promise multiple times, while the smile was oblivious to it. The grin had told the smile that it "couldn't have done that, I wouldn't have broken our promise," whenever its' actions were questioned.

By now the grin had forgotten what the promise was. It had escaped into the abyss of it's mind, where it would remain for eternity... being used as an excuse to get out of trouble.

The smile, however, held the promise as though it were a precious stone. 
A valuable sentiment for the future. One that was full of meaning and sacrifice.
The smile could recall the moment in an instant, each time it did the memory became clearer.

The smile could now see what it had previously overlooked.

Each word the grin uttered... the way the grin smiled, it was all wrong.
The way the smile had believed the grin, without hesitation.
Without asking more than one question, believing every answer as though it were fact. 

The smile approached the grin one last time.
It asked the grin to tell it what the promise was.
The grins' face dropped, it wasn't expecting this.
It wrecked through  its' head trying to remember but it couldn't.
The smile took this as its' queue to leave, taking what little dignity it had with it.

The smile thought about all those who had told it what the grin was doing and how it dismissed them. The smile chuckled at its own stupidity, while the grin was left dismayed only able to stare in disbelief as the smile walked away from it.

The smile had gained knowledge, it would take more caution.
The grin lost a trusting friend that it would never get back. 

The End

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