Promise MeMature

im kinda makeing up as i go, but basicly this girl (nikki) escapes from being killed because her boyfriend (kyle) saves her and he has a secret of his own to do with this all

Promise Me
All i could hear was the screams as my mother and father burned alive in our home as i ran away...far away. I had no choice i couldn't go back to save them there was no time if i did i would die for no reason and then there would be no one to tell this story. I kept running with Kyle, he kept checking to make sure i was keeping pace and i was, i used to be a long distance runner so it was easy to keep up with him or maybe it was just the adrenaline running through my body since i knew they were after me. Kyle was wearing a long sleeve black shirt that was torn as well as burnt and black jeans that fit him well even if they were torn at the ankles and had holes through them, it was understandable though he has just ran into a burning house and dragged me out. Me in my torn gray skinny jeans and my light blue tank top, well what used to be a tank top, the front was ripping and there was a huge gash in the side were i had slipped and cut myself not the mention that one of the straps had completely melted burning a bit of my skin with it. The pain didn't matter to me anymore all i felt was numbness and the burn of my thighs as i ran farther and farther down the path. We couldn't stop until we knew THEY weren't following us. the men who burned my house down the men who killed my mother and my father, the men who i swore i would kill one day. Kyle made a sharp turn to the left and stopped i crashed into him in the midst of my daze. It was a creek, He helped me up and stared at me " Nicki, we need to rest or else were going to run out of energy, how are you feeling?" i looked at him long and hard. "kyle i feel like my family is dead, i feel like Ive been burned alive, i feel like.....i feel like everything is over" He hugged me long and hard, i began sobbing into his chest as everything finally hit me, all the emotions and the pain from having my shoulder burnt, it was as if my whole world had come crashing down on me and it hit hard, nothing would ever be the same as it used to be. There would never be waking up on a Sunday morning to my mom ranting at dad about something money wise, to my father threatening to spill water over me if i didn't get out of bed and "enjoy the beautiful morning" there wouldn't be the sound of the cats having another fight in front of my door. none of that is was all gone. All because of..well i don't know really everything was normal as usual this morning when i woke up mom was making pancakes for breakfast, dad was sitting on the sofa drinking his usual coffee and Loki (our cat) climbing up the side of the TV stand. then someone knocked on the door. Dad answered and this man wearing a black suite with lime green tie stepped inside the door basically pushing dad out of the way. He looked around first at dad then mom then me. and when he saw me he looked as if he was about to burst. then the screaming began. Dad started shouting for him to get out mom yelling something about being polite then the man... he shouted really loud in a Russian accent, he looked angry and was staring directly at me then he said in a lower voice "She is the one. She will fix my mistake and you will not stop me" then dad flipped he tried to punch the man but all he did was grab my father fist and twist. I heard the sickening snap of the bones twisting and breaking i screamed " Please stop!! ill go with you ill go! just...just don't hurt my family please!!" My mom began crying saying how this shouldn't be happening this isn't happening the man looked at her " Shut up! you whining bitch i don't want to hear your complaints!" i just stood there blinking then other men came in and they started pouring oil on everything, every were. i ran at the man pounding on his chest. " What are you doing!? stop it i said id come with you. stop it!!!" "i didn't say you needed to come with me alive." He just smiled as i backed away confused more and more, then the men lit matches and began dropping them everywhere mom was screaming and flailing and dad was withering on the ground as his hand limped sickeningly at an odd angle, he shouted for everyone to get out but the man somehow jammed the door and it wouldn't open up, we tried the windows but nothing was working the fire was eating everything everywhere it went the flames licking at the roof mom was banging on the door screaming i just stood there so confused then there was a crashing sound, and i felt like maybe things could get worse. I was wrong, it was Kyle, he came crashing through the window huge rock and all he, grabbed my hand and said one simple thing "run". i looked at him and then shouted for my mom and dad to follow but then the men started coming around the house and i knew there was nothing i could do but run. Now here i am hugging Kyle crying into his shoulder as he kisses my head. He pulled me away and held my face close to his and kissed me. It was light but it was the only thing keeping me sane at that moment, i held his hand on my face as he broke our kiss finally he spoke again. " Nikki i love you so much, and i know...i know your scared but i need you to tell me everything that happen OK? i need to know" I stared up at him caught up in our kiss then sighed..then i explained it all i explained the man and the yelling and my fathers hand and how the man was Russian then i stopped and looked up at kyle "How did you know that something was wrong?" he looked away for a second then looked back at me " I promise ill explain everything once we get somewhere safe, my parents cottage is about a 3 hour drive from here and its very secluded im going to take you there. just please trust me Nikki." I nodded and took his hand as he led me threw the back trails of the mountain that connected all the houses of our neighborhood. Again i was running...but was i running for my life?

The End

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