A While Later

(One Year Later) Evelyn's eyelids hung heavy over her eyes, she thought she was actually going to fall asleep but then... he cried. "Why do babies have to cry so much?" Evelyn groaned. During Evelyn's Father' death her mother found out that she was pregnant. At the time Evelyn thought it would be fun to have another little sibling running around but if only she knew the sleepless nights that lie ahead. Evelyn's mother was unavailable during the night because she decided she would work late nights at the hospital to earn extra money. She kicked her legs from under her cotton blue blanket and groggily started to make her way over to the baby's crib, the moonlight shining from the window acted as her guide, but the moonlight wasn't a very good guide because she tripped over Ari's dark figure falling face flat on the floor. "Ouch," she muttered "Why can't she sleep in the corner of the room?" To Evelyn's surprise the dog was still stirred in it sleep legs moving as if it was chasing something. She pushed her body from the cold hard wood floor pushing away the temporary sting. She didn't trust the moonlight this time; she lit a candle by moving her hand over it. It was a little spell her Grandmother had taught her. The fireball was supposed to be bigger but she never mastered the spell, magic wasn't something she was too interested in. She traveled across the room to come to the Jackson's aid. Slowly and carefully she picked him up cradling the little baby in her arms. She swayed back and forth and soon enough Jackson had quieted down. Evelyn couldn't help smiling at the soft features of his face. "You look just like him," she whispered, "too bad he didn't get to meet you" Jackson's eyes fluttered closed, she kissed him on the forehead him laid him down in the ebony colored crib. She skipped over Ari avoiding the mistake she made before and used her two fingers to put the fire out. She sunk into her bed wrapping the soft cover around her and fell asleep with the moonlight shining on her back. ~ Mrs. Reed dragged her legs in to her house and spawned he shot body across the crimson colored sofa. Her mouth widened taking in a deep breath of air and let it out in one exhausted breath. The sun had yet to rise and she had been working for the past twelve hours, making it hard to withstand the temptation of closing her eyes. The sound of the door opening had woken Evelyn up. Nights with Jackson had transformed her into a light sleeper. When she came to living room she stared at the image of her sprawled across the sofa. This was usual event that would take place, when Evelyn's father died they had to move into a smaller house to be able pay of the rent. To sum things up quickly you could say the Reed's have had some hard times. Evelyn checked the silver watch wrapped around her forearm; 5:45 was the time. "Better not wake her up." Evelyn muttered to herself. While creeping back into her room Mrs. Reed had woken up. "Good morning Evelyn." she yawned. "Sorry if woke you." Evelyn apologized mentally face palming herself for doing so. "I wasn't sleeping, just resting my eyes. So what's on your mind?" she asked moving from her sprawled pose into a somewhat straight posture. "What do you mean?" It was true Evelyn wanted to ask her mother something that she wasn't sure she would say yes to. Actually she was positive she wouldn't say yes to it, at least not right away. "Evelyn, honey I've known you for seventeen years, which means I know you inside out, which also means I know when there is something you want to ask me. "Fine." Evelyn huffed and took a seat beside her mother and relieved a sigh. "I hate seeing you working so hard so how about I pick up a job to help you." Evelyn suggested. "Evelyn I am fine working the way I am you don't need to get a job unless you really want to. I'm supposed to provide for you not you for me." That was Mrs. Reed's mindset she wanted to be independent and not have to rely on people whether they were a part of her family or not. "But soon you're going to start getting grey hairs or something from how much stress you have to deal with. Why don't I take some of the load off?" Evelyn said. She cared for her mother so much; she wouldn't mind working to help. Besides her mother has done so much for her, so it would be like repaying a big favor. "If you get a job who is going to take care of Jackson." her mother asked. "Chance is thirteen so he is old enough and that boy needs to start doing some work around the house anyway," "I guess you're right but what job do you plan on doing anyway?" There was babysitting, but Evelyn's experience with Jackson knocked that idea off the chart. Another job that she could think of was working at the blacksmith's shop in town that her cousins owned but that idea wasn't to appealing. There was one last job that fit Evelyn perfectly, a warrior. "I was thinking of choosing a vocation, possibly a warrior?" her answer was more of a question than an answer. "No, no, no, you're not going to be doing that, not in a million years." she said trying to end the conversation but Evelyn continued. "Why not? Dad was one." "That's exactly why, it's too dangerous Evelyn." Evelyn puffed out a sigh, "Your just saying that because he happened to catch some rare disease, just because he...died doesn't mean I 'm going to." the word felt unfamiliar on her tongue, she avoided talking about his death, actually just death in general until now. "And what happened to moving on because it seem to me like you're dwelling on the past. "Evelyn added. Anger took over her mother's face and she was just about ready to yell at Evelyn. This is my daughter, she thought, I need to calm down She released a breath of air slowly and said her answer. "Please do not talk back to me like that, I'm your mother don't talk to me like that again. Ever." "I'm sorry." Evelyn said, as she got up to leave the room she rolled her eyes. "One more thing, moving on doesn't mean forgetting." she kept quiet to annoyed to speak and continued to her bed room leaving her mother alone in the living room. She closed her eyes but didn't go to sleep just let the argument with Evelyn linger in her head. Maybe she's right though, maybe I am clinging on to the past. Maybe I should let her but the problem is I'm afraid to lose another loved one. ~ Evelyn heard a knock on her bed room door and got up to open it. Her room was like her "mini house' you could say. She didn't leave it very much, over the past year she had grown fond of the peace and quiet in her room. Chance says she's turned into a loner but she calls it being independent. She pulled open the door to her bedroom revealing the image of her mother. "Hey mom" she chirped forgetting about there argument, it was like nothing ever happened. Her mother was surprised about this herself. Evelyn was quick to forgive and forget most of time. "Let's talk." they took a seat on the bed as it slightly swallowed them up. "Evelyn, you know I care about you right?" "Yeah, of course, you don't do anything to prove that idea wrong." "And you know that I didn't want you to be a warrior because I didn't want you to her hurt?" her mother said. Evelyn nodded. "Well I decided that you may have been right when you said I was clinging on to the past. So I rethought my answer and decided to let you, but first answer my question." a smiled curved on Evelyn's lips when her mother agreed. "The question is why you want to be a warrior so bad, I'm just going to let you risk your life without a logical reason." That was an easy enough question for Evelyn. She had always wanted to be a warrior, that's why she had admired her father so much. The thought of holding a long sword and wearing leather armor made her heart beat with excitement. "It's always been my dream and you know that already, I've always wanted to protect people and of course I could do that with any vocation but being a warrior was my childhood dream. It's like a little kid wanting to be a doctor when they grow up." Mrs. Reed thought over her answer, she knew that it was a good one but she didn't want to let her go. She pushed away her subconscious and said, "Fine Evelyn." Evelyn's previous smile grew even bigger if that was possible. She wrapped her arms around her mother and squeezed as hard as she could. "Thank you so much." her mother didn't answer but managed a smile through Evelyn's monster strength. When she released her Mrs. Reed coughed and Evelyn flashed her an apologetic smile. "I hope you know it won't be easy, it's not all fun and games. Trust me on that one." Her mother said. "Yeah, I know that, Coryn has one of the best army forces for a reason." Evelyn said. Before another word could be said Jackson started crying, Evelyn was going to get up, then: "I'll get him why don't you go pickup lunch for me?" "Alright, I'll see you later."
The End

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