2. Gone

Evelyn didn't know what to do, the feeling she had at that moment was hard to describe. It was like the whole world stopped so reality could sink in. There Evelyn sat beside my mother on her king-sized bed where she told her the news. "Your father, he has a serious disease." She said. Her voice was empty almost like it had lost life, just how her father looked at the table. "How serious?" Evelyn asked hoping for the most positive answer even though she very well knew that the answer would be negative. Her mother didn't answer right away; just let the tension settle in the room. By the way she pondered over the thought, the way she frowned, Evelyn knew the answer was negative. "How do I say this...he-he could die." The words hung in the air and they stung Evelyn's heart. Just like a blade or a blow to the gut, she couldn't breathe for a few seconds. "How are you so sure it's serious enough to k-kill him?" the shocked sixteen year old choked on her words. "Evelyn you know that when I was younger I was a healer in the hospital and to be a healer I have to know all things medical," she said," I don't know everything about this disease but I am pretty sure that he has it, all the symptoms match up. If it makes you feel any better I bring a doctor to take a look at him." "Does Chance know," Evelyn sighed, "know about this?" "No, not yet at least, I thought I should tell you first since you're older. Do you want to explain this situation to him?" Evelyn knew if she were to do this it would be a very hard task. It was hard enough being able to break the news down to herself, how would she tell her little brother? She could just imagine the frown on his face, the way his happy lifted face would drop. "I don't think I could do that, it would be too... hard for me to tell him." Evelyn said not looking back at her mother in shame. She wanted to be able to do something to help, but she couldn't even break the news to her brother. "It's fine Evelyn, I'll do it myself, but there's one other thing I have to tell you." she said looking down at her stomach smiling. "Let me guess, more bad news right?" She let out a breath, what next the disease is contagious and they all have it? "Not exac-" Chance rushed in the room panting with a frightened look on his face. "He's not responding!" he hollered. "What do you mean?" Evelyn demanded. "I was talking to Dad he responded at first but then drifted of and I can barely even hear his heart beat." He said panting. "Damn, it's worse than I thought." Her mother muttered," Evelyn, you guys stay here I'm going to go get somebody from the hospital to help me." Evelyn nodded as he mother sprinted out of the room. "Chance let's go stay with Dad in the living room." She said, putting her hand on his shoulder. It's the only thing she could think of to make things better. Evelyn hoped it would comfort him. Comfort is what she wanted to feel right now, but she knows she is older and has to act like it so she pushed the need away. When the two reached the living room Chance sat beside the couch where there sick father laid. He looked much worse than he did an hour ago. He was so pale that you can bet someone would mistake him for a vampire; his skin only had a tint of the caramel colored skin which their family shared. Evelyn pressed her ear to his chest, his heart beat was faint but it was still there. "Is Dad going to be okay?" Chance said his voice cracking. "Chance if I didn't care about you I would say everything fine and we're going to be a big happy family," she took in a deep breath and let it out, "sadly that's not the case, Dad has a disease that he could possibly die from, that's all I know." The look that Evelyn saw was what she expected, the gut punch is what she called it. It's when you feel and look like you've got the air blown out of you. His eyes became glossy and started biting his lip. He tried so hard not to cry. "Chance it's okay to cry, no one is going to make fun of you for it." Evelyn reached her hands over and wrapped her arms around his small body. The sounds of quiet sobs were muffled in her blue tunic, his warm tears wetting it. She congratulated herself for being able to have the courage to help the grave situation. Moments later their mother opened the door with a male doctor behind her. "May you guys leave the doctor and I have to talk about some things?" she said shutting the door behind her. If today was a perfectly normal day Evelyn would protest, but it's not. Chance and Evelyn nodded. Chance went into his room but she didn't, Evelyn hid in hall still having a somewhat clear view of the living room. The longing to find out if her father would live or not is what pushed her to do this. There talking was a little muffled but she was still able to hear the conversation. "So just by looking at him I can tell what disease he has. How did he get it." the doctor said. "I'm not sure, he just came back today from a mission for the king, I noticed his paleness but didn't say anything, but when he fainted at lunch I knew which disease he had." Their mother said. "He must have caught it from some plant on the mission." "Yes, that's exactly what I thought and I use to work I the hospital, and what I learnt about this disease was that you continuously have your blood diminishing mysteriously, causing you to look pale. When all your blood is gone you die. At the time the disease was new and there was no cure. Is there one now?" she asked calmly. He didn't answer at first, he just put his ear to her husband's chest. "No, there is no cure but there is a spell that I would've been able to use on him to prolong his life." "Would've? What do you mean would've; can't you still use it on him?" "He's already far too gone, tell me this a week or two ago and I would've been able to use it on him." "Are you sure? Why not try?" she panicked. "I'll give it a try but I'm telling you it's not going to work. If he starts to gain back his normal color a few seconds after I'm done then it worked." Evelyn silently prayed that it would work even though she knew there wasn't a big chance of it doing so. He placed his hands on my father's heart and she carefully gazed at the blue magic generating from his hands. He was there for a minute or so, but no color restored. "If he's lucky he'll live whole of tonight or tomorrow morning. You might as well say your goodbyes now." Her mother lost It. Down to the floor she dropped crying, maybe the reality of the man she fell in love with and is still in love with is going to die just sunk in. "I'm sorry for your loss." he said. If you were to look at the doctor could tell he was truly sorry for our loss but too bad sorry doesn't make things better in this situation. Evelyn got that feeling again but one hundred times worse. 'Dad's almost gone' The sly sixteen year old snuck back into her room and collapsed on the twin bed. For some reason she didn't cry, she just sulked and listened to her mother's muffled sobs of sadness. Minutes later her mother knocked on her door. Evelyn pulled it open finding her mother's blood shot eyes from crying. "He's going to die Evelyn, there was nothing we could do for him." Even thou she knew this already a tear still escaped her eye. "I-I know." her voice cracked. "I already told Chance about the disease, does he know that he's going to..." Evelyn didn't dare say the word, if she did she would become an emotional mess. "No, I came straight to you, I just thought that it would be better to tell you first. I'll tell him if you want." her mother offered "I think I can do it." Evelyn made her way out of her room and into Chance's across the hall. Softly she knocked on the door and almost instantly he opened it. "Is he going to be okay?" he questioned. It took Evelyn so long just to be able to get the words out. But Chance already knew the answer when Evelyn took too long talk. "No," she sighed trying to hold in the tears, "he's not going to be okay." This time he didn't cry at all, it was like he suspected Evelyn's answer. "Oh." is all he had to say or maybe it was all he could manage to get out. The way Chances face looked wasn't one of Evelyn's favorite expressions. She didn't like how his dark brown eyes hung low, how his lips curved a frown, he looked like a lost puppy. They didn't say anything after that. He followed Evelyn as she left his room. In the living room they found their mother with her head against her husband's heart. "Is he still alive?" Evelyn said joining her beside his pale body. "His heart beat is faint, but it's there, he may be able to get some words out." She said, "but I-I think it's time we say our goodbyes." Evelyn closed her eyes tight along with her fists then released. "Ok." "I'll go first." Chance said in a barely audible tone almost as if he'd lost his voice. Their mother and Evelyn left the living room giving Chance some time alone. They went their separate ways at their bedroom doors. Why is this happening? Why him? He was a good man, never did any wrong. Why did he catch this disease? Evelyn thoughts ran in this direction, the more she thought about it the more it hurt , a few minutes later she saw her mother at the door way of her room. "Chance is done, I suggest you say your good bye before it's too late." Evelyn nodded leaving the room, and traveled into the living room where her sick father laid. She knelt down beside him just staring at him. In this one evening everything changed so quickly. It started as a happy welcoming party and now it's a depressing evening funeral. "Dad, I know you may not be alive right now but I just want to hear your voice one last time before you're gone. I don't care what you say but just say something." There was no reply. He couldn't have been gone yet, I still need him to hear me, hear what I have to say .Evelyn thought. "Please don't go Dad. You bring in most of everything in this family, the joy, the peace, and most of the income. What are we going to do without you?" Still there was no response. She was ready to get up and break the news that he was gone, but then he made a noise, like a groan. "E-Evelyn, promise me you'll move on and not linger on my death... Promise me you'll help them. Be strong" "I promise." She said. He released his last breath and her father was no longer an is but a was. The gut punch, it happened again along with the stab in the heart. All of Evelyn's emotions gathered in her brain and she wanted to cry so hard, but since he said she had to be strong she didn't cry. I can't be weak; I have to be strong for him. She didn't tell anyone that he died, she just left the house. The sun ran over the horizon creating a fiery glow. The purple and red waves of sky stood upon it. Evelyn sat in the grass outside of their log cabin; the grass tickled her legs through the tights she wore. She breathed in the fresh air and laid down on the carpet of green grass under her. Her fingers took a piece of skin between them and she shut her eyes tight. She thought if she pinched hard enough when she opened my eyes she would be back in kitchen this morning trying to make the best soup in the world for the best father in the universe. It didn't work. There was still the urge to bawl my eyes out, nothing more, nothing less. Charlie ran from the back of my house and laid on her lap. "How'd you get out?" Evelyn said petting her, she purred in response. She laid on the ground just thinking things through until the sky turned dark and shined with moonlight. "There you are Evelyn, we've been looking for you all over the place." Her mother said sitting in the luscious grass behind Evelyn. Charlie scurried off her lap and ran into the house. "Our house isn't that big you should have been able to find me. You should have known I was here" She muttered. "Evelyn I know your mad, but don't take your pain out on me." "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude, I'm just not in the mood for people." "I understand, come in whenever you want, but don't forget if you ever want to talk I'll be here for you. And take this I found it your father's drawer." She handed Evelyn a locket, the outside was gold with a blue bird soaring in the sky by a white moon. When she opened it there was a picture of my father, Chance and her. In the picture Evelyn was about thirteen. She was clinging on his back smiling, showing off my new awesome braces, and Chance was idiotically smiling beside her. Her mother's hand landed on Evelyn's shoulder, just like she did for Chance. She got up and left. Evelyn stuffed the locket in her pocket and laid in the cold grass. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ His funeral is Friday and today is Tuesday, Evelyn didn't think she would be mentally prepared to see his coffin; the pain would be too much for her. She pushed herself off the bed and the first thing she did was take off every picture with her father in it and safely packed them in a box in her closet. She didn't think she'd be able to stare at pictures of her father all day and everyday if he's not even in this life. Evelyn jumped back into bed staring at the empty white wall. Empty is what she felt right now. In her bed is where I stayed for the rest of that day. Her mother would come in and check on her asking Evelyn if she wanted to eat anything, but she never did. I guess grief took away my appetite. Is what she would say. The next day came and she expected the same routine, she planned on doing this until the heavy pain weighing on her chest was gone, this white wall will be her view for today. There was a knock on her door and told whoever was behind it to come in, it was her mother. The bed dipped as she sat down. "Evelyn, I'm worried about you. The whole of yesterday you didn't get out of your room and did not eat anything. That's not even healthy. Believe me I understand your pain." she said, Evelyn sat up kicking my feet from under my blue blanket. "He's gone, gone, just gone." Evelyn said, furiously blinking back tears. "I know, but you can't just sulk in bed all day and hold in your feelings. Sometimes you have to move on and moving on doesn't mean you have to forget him. It's okay to cry Evelyn, no one is going to call you weak." She had said similar words to Chance and she thought it was time she took her own advice. She leaned into her mother and cried all the hurt out allowing her mother to embrace her in her comforting arms.
The End

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