1. Strange Signs

When Evelyn's father died he took a piece of her heart with him leaving her boken. Even though she always has a smile on her face doesn't mean she's happy, Catastrophes happening all around her make it harder to keep on the smile but a Promise is what's keeping her going, to her a promise is so much more than a deal that must be kept. A promise can keep two tied together even when they're not alive.

Evelyn stood over the cooking pot filled with her Dad's favorite soup. As she stirred the soup the spices filled the room with a captivating aroma. "You're usually not the one cooking," Chance said from behind her, "What happened to Mom doing the cooking?" The sound of one of the wooden stools screeched across the tiled floor of the kitchen and then he sat down. "Yeah but Dad's coming back today and I want to be the one to prepare the soup he loves." Evelyn said shaking some salt into the boiling liquid. "The last time Dad ate something that you cooked he almost threw up" Chance laughed. "Ha, ha, very funny. But it's not my fault that some company decided it was a good idea to put sugar into a pack identical to the salt pack, ok?" I said, "And why do you think I am not cooking any pastries. No one wants to go through that trouble again." I remember that day. It was two years ago, Chance's tenth birthday. Being the nicest sister in the world I tried to bake cupcake for his birthday. There was just one problem, not only were my cupcakes burnt to the crisp, I found out they were as hard as cement. When I brought the cupcakes out they didn't look too promising. "Are you sure that's edible?" Chance said, his eyes wandering around the cupcake, examining them like they were a test subject in a laboratory. "Chance, Evelyn tried really hard on making these," Their father said nudging Chance with his elbow. "See they taste delicious" He took a big bite out of the cupcake. Everyone including me was waiting for his review. His eyes opened wide and his face twisted. I could hear him trying to crunch on my supposedly 'delicious' cupcake. "If you'll excuse me." He said running out of the dining area. What could I have done wrong? I ran through the mental list of ingredients in my head, then I remembered, I had put salt instead of sugar by mistake. I didn't think it would make that much of an impact. Ever since, no one has ever allowed Evelyn to bake pastries again. It took a whole lot of begging to get her mother to even allow her to cook this simple (but delicious) soup. "Evelyn are you almost done." Her mother asked as she strolled into the kitchen with her apron was tied around her waist. "Yeah, just a few more minutes, I want to make this perfect. Trust me on this one; it won't be like Chance's birthday." "Just make sure you don't put sugar instead of salt." her mother said trying to hold back the laugh pushing past her lips. "Yeah, Yeah I know that." They're probably never going to let me live that day down. Evelyn thought. Since shewas banned from baking in this kitchen, her mother decided to help her by baking the cupcakes this time. They turned out a lot better than Evelyn's did. By the time they were done with everything there was cake batter all over the place and the counters were covered with what she don't know. But in the end Evelyn was proud to say that she did not make one mistake while cooking the soup or the chicken I baked after her mother was done with the cupcakes. "You guys better clean up that mess before Dad gets back" Chance said in the entrance way of the kitchen. At that moment there cat Charlie ran through Chance's legs and into the kitchen with their dog Ari on her tail, literally. Ari kept trying to claw at her tail. Ari's barked echoed through the household as she chased Charlie. For some reason Evelyn's mother thought it was a good idea to lay a plate full of chicken on the table even though a cat and a dog are racing around the kitchen. Just in case you were wondering it wasn't a very good idea. Ari ran through her mother's legs almost causing her to almost drop the plate of chicken. Evelyn released a sigh of relief when she didn't trip. But then Charlie did the same as Ari resulting with her mother falling on the floor and the chicken flying up in the air. Evelyn worked so hard on the chicken she wouldn't dare let it go to waste; she dived on the floor making an all-star catch. "I guess chickens can fly." She laughed. Charlie and Ari raced out of the kitchen while Evelyn stuck her hand out and pulled her mother off the floor. She used her hands and patted off the dust from her apron "Evelyn, I swear those to animals will be the death of me." She said, "Now Chance get over here and help Evelyn and I clean up this mess," "But I didn't take part in it." Chance whined. "If you want to eat you're going to have to clean. Don't let me tell you again" "Wow Mom you have a way with words." Evelyn said. "That's just one of the perks of being a parent Evelyn." She smiled. Chance stood by the entrance of the kitchen pondering over whether or not he should help them. If Chance is smarter than he looks he'll choose to help. Evelyn thought. And as she predicted he did. He groaned and made his way to the kitchen sink grabbing a sponge with his right hand a spray bottle with his left. He took the sponge and moved in circular motions around the counter scrubbing off the cake batter. xxxxxx The kitchen was sparkling clean in an hour or so. The counter no longer had ant stains on it, dishes were washed, stove was cleaned and the floor was swept. "How come Dad's not here yet?" Chance asked. He plopped on the red couch under the hanging pictures of their family together, where Evelyn laid tired out of her mind. "He should be here any minute." They're mother said opening the floral curtain guarding the window allowing the sun to illuminate the living room. "In fact, he's here right now." She said gazing out the window. A few moments later the two of them heard a knock on the door. Chance and Evelyn scrambled to their feet racing for the door. Our hands fumbled over the door knob, but we finally opened it. She and her brother opened the door both yelling "Dad!" They bear hugged his tall figure, but their bear hug turned into more of a bear tackle. With a loud thump they landed on the ground laughing. "You guys have certainly gotten stronger," Dad chuckled trying to push himself off the ground. "Sorry Dad I didn't know I got so strong over time." Chance bragged. "What do you mean?" Evelyn protested "If anything I am the strongest, I am the older one." "Your sixteen and I'm twelve, four years is not that big of a difference you know" Chance said lifting himself off the stone trail that lead out of their neighborhood. "You two, arguing as always" He laughed. He hugged his wife kissing her on the cheek. Evelyn entered the house last shutting the door behind her. There was certain burst of happiness Evelyn had every time her father was around. Even though her father was only gone for a month it felt like a year. "So what smells so good?" he asked hanging his light coat on the coat rack by the door. "My cooking." Evelyn boasted. "Evelyn, not to be mean but I don't want to anything you cooked." "Come on Dad, it was a one-time mistake. I have spent the whole morning trying to make it perfect." she said, "And Mom made the cupcakes not me. My baking career in this house hold was over years ago." Across the hall they entered into the dining area. The grand chandelier hung over where the table was giving the room a fiery glow. Evelyn took a seat beside my father and Chance took on beside their mother, her mother gave grace over the meal and they started eating. As she suspected my soup and chicken wasn't a disaster. Evelyn didn't usually eat much but my father is a whole other story. But today was different, he barley ate anything, he almost ate less than she did. Now that Evelyn took a good look at him he does look a little paler. Almost like some of his life was sucked out of him. "I'll be right back" he said. But before he could leave the room he collapsed.
The End

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