This is one of my many unfinished stories, its called promise and its about love and promises basically

Breaking News!

My heart fell to the floor with a violent thud. Heartbroken tears streamed down my cheeks like a gushing waterfall. I collapsed onto the sofa and buried my head in my knees. 

“Elisha, honey, are you ok?” Dad asked as he bent down to my level. I looked up at him slowly. 

“Ok?!” I screamed franticly, “No I’m not bloody ok! I like it here Dad, I don’t want to go.”

“Elisha, I have no choice; they want me in the new office by Monday.”

“Monday?! Dad! What about all my friends?!”


I couldn’t believe it; my entire body froze in shock. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t even move. Once again, the waterfall of tears started.

“Elisha?” He sat down next to me and placed his hand on my shouder. “I know you love it here, but we have to move to Happlin for the sake of my job. You can still e-mail your friends and we can come visit in the summer.” My body unfroze with fury, but I didn’t say a word. I stood up and started to run upstairs to my room.

“Elisha, wait let’s talk about it.” Dad pleaded. But I didn’t wait; I thumped up the stairs and locked myself in my room.


I loved my room; I decorated it the year before. That’s one of the main reasons I didn’t want to move to Happlin. My room was my paradise. The walls told the story of who I was, cover in pictures of me and my friends. Eight years of unforgettable memories. I’d meet the girls in year three, we all got moved into the same class and then were asked to do a class project together. I remember it as if it was yesterday. We all decided to do a fashion magazine, we spent many hours after school at each others houses working on our project. Yet none of us normally did the homework that was set but we made an exception. Well, that was one wall; the others were covered by my designs and posters of celebs. I loved to design. I could have done it all day everyday. I mainly did clothing, shoes, accessories and handbags. But I also liked to design rooms; I had a big folder jam packed of room designs for my house when I moved out. Then another, also flooded with hundreds of fashion designs.

The End

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