You are only lost when you don`t know yourself...

The place is off no importance.

I am no less lost or found here as if i was back there.

I rest along millions who came here every day in search of some peace.

Of one source or the other.

Obliviation in the certainty that for a few hours the chemicals provided in combination with liquor and if you are trully desperate any body of your choice...

...Will give you perhaps a second of solitude.

Of if you are trully bless an  inner peace...

But all that is an illusion perpetrated by the brights lights and all the comercialls we lost souls see everywhere we go.

Roam all you want.Here or back where you have come from.

You are only trully lost when you don`t know yourself.

My best luck guess  is that you are afraid to look within.My worst one is you have forgotten how to.

What do you think you will find ?


The End

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