The One And Only

She sees the cleaner beside his platform, talking to the man in the black suit. She can't get a good look at his face. The "suit" blocks her view. 

Is he The One?  That is how she thinks of the window washer that was outside the tyrant's office the day she quit. He was at the window looking in, and he was the very reflection of herself.

She had always believed that for everyone there is another. For every life there is a kindred spirit. Is he The One for her?

She had seen him in the window at the very moment that she had decided to change her life. She had dropped her resignation on the floor, a gauntlet of sorts, challenging fate itself.

She had been searching for him ever since, in all the reflective surfaces of all the highest places in the city. She had seen other men in other platforms, but they were not The One.

The man in the black suit leaves, and she moves one foot in front of the other, hesitantly. Can she handle yet another disappointment?

Jacob sees the lady coming towards him from across the street.  He thinks he recognizes her from inside one of the offices where he washed the windows. She is quite beautiful.

Something suddenly occurs to him. The weirdo in the suit said that talking to the woman would lessen his chances. Chances of what? Is she the woman he meant, or another one?

The woman walks slowly up to him, and gazes shyly into his face. He gazes back.

"Are you the one?" he asks.

The End

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